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Thursday, April 30, 2015


By Caroline Clemmons

SLEIGHT OF HEART is the first of the High Stakes Heroes series by Jacquie Rogers. If you have read her Hearts of Owyhee series, you already know what a fun, fast-paced western historical romance Ms Rogers writes. In fact, Jacquie Rogers is one of my favorite authors, and the 1880’s are my favorite historical period in the Old West.

Lexie and Helen are in exile, so to speak, because Helen committed a social faux pas and embarrassed her parents and friends. Since she can’t be sent from Washington DC alone, Lexie has to put aside her dream to become a math professor to accompany Helen to a Colorado mine in which the family owns a share. The young women have to remain there until Helen’s blunder becomes old news. They’ve been in Silverton, Colorado a year and the mine barely makes enough money to pay the miners and expenses.

The story opens with Alexandra “Lexie” Campbell shooting at Burke O’Shaughnessy. But her anger is misdirected. She mistakes Burke for his younger brother Patrick, who has Lexie’s sister Helen in the family way and has taken the sisters’ five thousand dollars to buy mining equipment. Lexie believes Patrick is a con man and the money Helen gave him is lost.

Lexie and Burke take the train to look for Patrick. Actually, Lexie forces Burke onto the train. The tables soon turn, however. Lexie has an extraordinary mind for numbers—including cards. Burke is a gambler, the son of riverboat gamblers who trained him well. Ms Rogers’ excellent writing blends in historical details with a fast paced romance. In addition to a really good story, she throws in subtle humor and suspense filled with twists and subplots that all tie up in a happily ever after.

I highly recommend SLEIGHT OF HEART to anyone who enjoys western historical romance with a dash of suspense and humor. I give this book a ♥♥♥♥♥ rating.

Don’t miss her Hearts of Owyhee series: MUCH ADO ABOUT MARSHALS, MUCH ADO ABOUT MADAMS, MUCH ADO ABOUT MAVERICKS, MUCH ADO ABOUT MINERS. She is also contributing to the Western Fictioneers anthologies, including HELL ON THE PRAIRIE, and Prairie Rose Publishing anthologies

She is also in the duet with me titled MAIL-ORDER TANGLE.

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  1. Nice blog, Caroline! I, too, am a Jacquie Rogers fan and look forward to reading her newest book! Sounds like an enjoyable read!

  2. Well, I haven't read "Sleight of Heart" yet but I'm sure that once I'll do, it will end up with a Five Heart rating, or a Five Stars, or a High Five... whatever type of Five I will find at the time. Seriously, I'm a huge Jacquie fan ever since I've discovered her last Fall, when I won "Much Ado About Miners". Love her style and her wonderful sense of humor. Way to go, Jacquie.

    PS: Looking forward to reading Much Ado About Mustangs. :)

  3. Thanks so much Caroline, Karren, and Liette! I've been off the internet as much as possible because I'm really pushing to get Much Ado About Mustangs done, so this article came as quite a surprise. It means so much to me! Seriously, it has provided a considerable amount of go juice. You ladies are the best!


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