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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Carra Walks Dallas by Carra Copelin

Wait, what? Excuse me while I reread that title. Yep, it says Carra Walks Dallas. I guess it's official then. I truly have lost my mind. This is what happens when one goes to have drinks and a nice evening and doesn't know when to stop talking. Lol

 Seriously, though, on Mother's Day, May 10, 2015, I will conduct a walking tour of Downtown Dallas along with Kathryn Falk for the RT Booklovers Convention. We'll visit the Red Museum, which used to be the Red Courthouse. 

Old Red Courthouse now The Red Museum
Some sites inside the museum are:

Beautiful wrought iron examples

From the museum, we'll go to the JFK Memorial, a place for quiet and reflection.

John F. Kennedy Memorial

Next on the tour is the replica of the john Neely Bryan cabin.

After lunch we'll visit the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza

Sixth Floor Museum
In late March, my daughter and her husband traveled with me to Dallas to map out the tour. I was surprised to find out the walk is doable even for me, who spends most of my waking hours in my chair at the computer or in front of the TV. What I'm hoping for is pleasant, cool, sunny weather. Is that too much, I ask?

If you think you'd like to accompany us on this walking tour, follow the links for all info. We'd love to see you there and at the RT Booklovers Convention.



  1. Well, duh. I always thought that was the real John Nealy Bryan cabin relocated. I haven't been to the Old Red Museum, but I've done the 6th floor museum. Hope you have a lot of participants and enjoy yourself.

    1. Caroline, I thought the same thing through the years. Found I was somewhat disappointed upon learning the truth. ;-)

    2. Bummer! I always thought ol' John Neely Bryan lived in that very cabin.

  2. What a delightful tour you have planned! Enjoyed your blog! Hope you have lots of participants!

  3. I wish I lived closer! It looks wonderful! (Not to mention I would love to meet Carra)

    1. Hey Cindy. Don't you think it's time for another Pioneer Hearts get together? Where abouts are you?

  4. Looks like a fun walk. Have fun!


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