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Friday, April 24, 2015


By Brenda Daniels

My long standing battle with technology continues. You would think by now, I'd learn. This May, I plan to travel to Scotland. The last time I traveled to Europe was 2006 so I figured a few things had changed.

I knew I needed to contact my credit card company and bank. The well know, world wide credit card company uses a robo response system. I tell the perky recorded voice I am traveling out of the country. She/It asks me which country I am visiting. I say, Gt. Britain. She/It says, Did you say Greece? I respond, No, Scotland. She/It responds, did you say Iceland? By now, I'm irritated. I yell into the phone, England!  Now, She/It gets pissy and says She/It doesn't understand me.

Taking a deep breath, I beg for a real person. After a long pause, beeps and boops, another perky female voice asks if she can be of help.  I tell her what is going on and, presto, she has the problem fixed. Then I ask if I can get a card with a chip, since most of Europe and Great Britain have been using it for years. Well, yes, but I have to cancel another card their company had sent in tandem with the one I was using. I never asked for the thing and had cut it up long ago. An hour later, I was assured a new, chipped card would be in the mail within twenty-four hours. That was four days ago and no card, yet.

Don't even ask me about my new iPhone or what my bank plans on charging for any foreign transaction fees.

I'm going to need a vacation after just preparing for one.

The machines are taking over the world.


  1. I can feel your frustration! When you leave on your vacation, it will be well deserved! Hang in there!

  2. Our daughter knew the man who came up with the system that lets machines answer the phone. He was so proud of his invention and quite wealthy from it. She didn't tell him we hate having a robot talk to us instead of a real person.

  3. Arrrgh! I've had these same problems. It's almost tempting to carry a wad of cash around in your sock.
    Hope you have a great trip. I'm envious.

  4. We always open a smaller account to use when we go overseas, in case the card is stolen. Have a safe and fun-filled trip. Make lots of memories.


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