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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


By Mary Adair

Winter Bride is Caroline Clemmon’s latest addition to her Stone Mountain Texas Series.  I read this book in one sitting. Winter Bride is not a short story, it is just that absorbing! I could not put it down!

The story opens with Sheriff Butch Parrish rushing to the livery to save a woman from a brutal beating by her husband. Her husband is gone by the time Butch arrives to find a gruesomely battered Glenna Tucker. Despite the poor woman’s seriously injured condition, she manages to tell him her husband is likely on his way home where her sister and children are trapped with no transportation and without food. She begs the sheriff to help them.

Sheriff Parrish packs supplies and hurries out to the small farm the family is leasing from Zach Stone. If you have read the Men of Stone Mountain stories, you will remember handsome Zach Stone from Book Two.

 Okay… I digress! Back to the story.

The sheriff is unable to track down the scoundrel on his way to the farmhouse and is shot by the villain. In spite of his injuries, he does rescue Glenna Tucker’s sister, Kendra, eight-year-old Caleb, and his two younger sisters, Mittie, and Abby.

Every man in Kendra’s life has been no better than her brother-in-law. This lack of fatherly support, though it molded her into a strong, dependable, independent woman, sadly also caused her to have a distrust for all men. Kendra loves her nieces and nephew and is determined she will open her own business and provide for her family. Her fear is her brother-in-law will return to steal away his son and murder anyone standing in his way. Sheriff Parrish is there to give her the support she needs and unbidden her trust for the handsome sheriff grows. 
Butch Parrish still mourns the loss of his wife. He is not ready to love again. Yet the three children touch a place in his heart that he cannot ignore and his attraction to Kendra is simply undeniable. As he supports Kendra in purchasing a business and home for her family as well as watching over the family’s well-being and keeping the peace in town, his admiration and love for her grows.

I do not want to put in any spoilers, but I do have to say if you enjoy Caroline’s books, you will love this one. Ms. Clemmon’s writing style is unmistakable. Her stories are filled with a love and warmth that leaves you running to Amazon to look for more of her work, and there are many to choose from. 

Author Caroline Clemmons knocked another one out of the park with Winter Bride. This story is filled with personal growth, budding love and the hometown and family interaction that I so enjoy in her books.

I would give Winter Bride an easy 5 Stars.   


  1. Mary, I enjoyed your blog! Caroline is one of my favorite authors and her stories just keep getting better and better! I am one of her biggest fans and sounds like you are too!

    1. Karren, thank you for your support and friendship. Bless you in all you do.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the review. Yes, I am a long time fan. I always wait anxiously for the next book to be available. I know for a fact she is already working on another one. You can always tell when an author writes because she truly loves her craft. Caroline is one of those authors.

    1. Mary, you've been such a good friend all these years--I think it's about twenty years now, although I can hardly believe it's been that long. And here we are no older. LOL

    2. We will Never grow old! :)

  3. Mary, thank you for the lovely review. I appreciate your help and friendship.


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