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Saturday, September 4, 2021

What's New in the @JacquieRogers Neighborhood

What's New in the Rogers Neighborhood

Before I get started, let's take care of the important business:  ABBA is releasing a new album after 40 years!!!  

Okay, now that we have taken care of priorities, let's get down to the business of life in the writing lane.

I missed my blogging date last month and I'm sorry about that.  Life has been a bit on the busy side.  It's hard to grow a large garden, harvest, and preserve food all with recent shoulder surgery.  I'm afraid that I won't get it all done this year--more for the squirrels, apparently.

But we did have our Silver City readers' event, which was a total blast as usual.  You should seriously consider joining the fun in 2022!

This is how you fashionably coordinate a corset and a sling. LOL
Tresa Hiatt is in the middle and Colleen Paxton is on the right.

Here's a bunch of happy people eating a fabulously delicious dinner
prepared by Idaho Hotel owner Jerri Nelson and staff.

So what do you do when you're ridiculously busy and have a bum shoulder on top of it all?  Easy! You buy a camper.  We opted for a teensy one so it would be easier to pull and also we can go more places.  The trade off is that it's, well, teensy.  There's no counter space and the sink is really small.  The bathroom is rather convenient, though.  You can sit on the toilet, brush your teeth, and take a shower all at the same time.  Now that's efficient.

Here's a picture of our Casita next to a friend's 42' motorhome.

Someone commented that our little travel trailer looked like the
propane tank for the motorhome. Hahaha.
So we named her The Tank.

Are you hungry?  I made a taco pie.

It was really good with cilantro, sour cream, and salsa piled on top.  All I did was make a keto pie crust (added corn flavoring), sprinkled cheese on the bottom, then a layer of taco meat, cheese on top of the meat, then olives and cilantro. And of course everything tastes better cooked in a cast iron skillet.

Did I mention my nephew got married?  They had a lovely wedding at his parents' house (my brother and SIL), so we pulled The Tank to their horse pasture and had a great time.  All except for the getting sick part.  And no, I did have any alcohol!  Nevertheless, I'm a real softie when it comes to weddings.

So until next month, Happy Reading!

If you're on Snapchat, friend me!  My handle is jacquierogers.  You can get videos of Sassy's latest updates there.  And goofy pictures of her scribe.


  1. I envy you your casita. I'll bet two of you have a ton of fun--but wherever you are is fun for those around you!

    1. Now for the big problems: Walter, pipes freezing at home, and how to set up a computer in The Tank. I'm really excited to head south, though! #GTT


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