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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Autumn is Finally Here

(Glorious dahlia)

After suffering a hot, humid September (and summer), I've enjoyed a reprieve as this month draws to a close. October promises far cooler temps, ideal for getting outdoors. I have a number of perennials to transplant and bulbs to get in the ground so this is a gardener's boon. I love crisp fall days and wish they lasted longer. If I took a vote, I imagine I could get a consensus on that, tough to do these days, with all the vehement dissension. 

(Carding Mill Rose)

For the most part, I've found gardeners to be an easy group to get along with. Although, debating the best method for making compost can get heated, and organic gardening verses non-organic... Don't go there. Other than that... And now, it seems I'm also a rosarian, which sounds pretty cool. Speaking of, my roses are deliriously happy in the cooler sunlight. Neither of us liked the sweltering heat. 

(Apricot Rose)

The dahlias have gone crazy with color. My earlier attempts to stake and tie the plants have failed and they are tumbled everywhere but don't seem to mind. I keep saying dahlias are too much work, digging up the tubers after frost and storing them over the winter. Then they bring brilliant life to the late season garden and leave me concluding they're worth the effort. Some gardeners suggest skipping all that work and treating dahlias as annuals. That goes against my nature. I am a plant saver. The notion of letting them freeze and rot seems wrong. 

(Another reason to plant dahlias )

My amazing great Uncle Houston grew dahlias. I managed to lose the ones he gave me one winter from improper storage and bad luck. When I see mine blooming now, I think of this dear man. He also grew roses, much loved by him, and lilies. I'm following in his footsteps.

(Dwarf  dahlia really attracts bees and butterflies)

Signs of fall are underway in the Shenandoah Valley with early leaf change and more will soon follow. I'll report back. 


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