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Saturday, September 12, 2015

So Much Fun Coming My Way! by Paty Jager

I am so excited for the Holidays and 2016!

The holidays will bring two new Christmas Novellas from me. Secrets of a Christmas Box with Isabella Mumphrey my Indiana Jones/ MacGyver female anthropologist who finds adventures.

And A Husband for Christmas, a novella to finish off my Halsey Brother Series. Shayla Miller Halsey returns to Sumpter with a fun-loving Englishman. She discovers she would rather have strong arms and security than pulling pranks.

I'm in an anthology, Silver Belles and Stetsons with a novella I've revised and added new material to. Christmas Redemption was a fun story to write and one that makes me happy every time I finish working on it and reading it.

Tagline:  Can two battered hearts find solace or will the past continue to haunt their lives?

I'm in a box set with nine other talented writers.  It will be titled Courting the West.  My historical romance, Laying Claim set in the Yukon Territory in 1899 will be in the box set.

Jeremy Duncan heads into the Yukon Territory by dog team in the middle of a blizzard to keep one strong-willed, business-minded beauty alive.

And then I'll have my fourth Shandra Higheagle Mystery releasing soon. Murderous Secrets.
Tagline: After visiting her relatives at the reservation and the adamant statement from a friend of her father’s, Shandra discovers things about her father’s death that makes her believe it wasn't an accident.

I have a Holiday Facebook Party Scheduled for November 8th on my Facebook Fan Page. You can sign up to join the party or join my Fan page. There will be author guests, virtual drinks and goodies, and real prizes.

January 2016 will kick off my new historical western romance series, Letters of Fate. I'm excited about this new series. As the series title says, the hero and heroine are brought together through letters. Each letter will be received by the hero and his life will be changed forever.


  1. Great, Paty. You've been really busy. Me, too. So glad there'll be another Isabella Mumphrey book and eager to read your Halsey brothers (and sister) book. I look forward to your new series!

  2. HI Caroline, Yes, I think we'll both be happy when things settle down. Thanks! I'm excited about the new series and my Christmas novellas.

  3. Sounds like you've got a lot of exciting things going on. Congratulations on your upcoming releases. I'll be watching for them.

  4. HI Sandra! Yes, almost too much excitement for me! LOL Thanks! I hope you enjoy the releases and spread the word.

  5. Wow! How can anyone pass up all these great titles? Not me! I'm also excited for the fourth Shadra Higheagle mystery AND your new series, Letters of Fate. I love the premise. Time to up the book budget again. :)

    1. LOL Maggie! Thanks! I hope other readers are anxious for the fourth book and the new series.


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