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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Seriously Loving Series.

Are you a fan of series? If so, do you have a favorite? How about a recommendation for a junkie series lover? 

I blame Hurricane Kate for my love of 1- books and 2-book series. I also thank Hurricane Kate for introducing me to the famous book series, Sweet Valley High. Heard of it?
I was in middle school, stormed in, no electricity and no way to entertain myself other than reading. Oh the horror! Oh how I wanted to be a twin and own a red convertible fiat. These books took me through high school and through school breaks and family vacations.

Why did I like them? They were steady. I knew the people. They were family and each book gave me a friendly update on their lives. Their SAGA books hooked me into historical books.

As I got older, my series got older. Fern Michaels drew me in with her Texas Rich series. I loved the idea of getting to watch (read) the family get older and have families of their own.

Of course cannot mention a series without my favorite of all time, the Madaris Series by Brenda Jackson. This series got me hooked on not just family, but best friends as well.

Twins have been brought into my life again with Candace Shaw’s Chasing Love.

Which brings me to my excitement about the book I am currently reading. Yes, it is a series. There’s family, sisters.. and they’re triplets! The first book in this series is about Francine Blake, an alpha female running her dad's security company. I love kick ass women! 

Here's a list of my recommendations
Farrah Rochon's Bayou Dreams
Pamela Yaye's Moretti Millionaires 
Julie Leto's Dirty series

I still have some editing and writing to do…but man these books are great! Reminiscing on these makes want to visit my first series. Have you read it? It has kick ass women, hot alpha males, family, and even a politician.

Can you guess who all has their own book in this series? I have about 7 more in the Special Tasks Bureau Series. Which one will get picked up next?

Alright y'all... go enjoy your football games, cookouts, and day off (if you get one)
Happy Labor Day Weekend, y’all!

PS.. For the record… I would like to claim that Hurricane Kate happened when I was 2 years old… yeah..2, that’s it! 


  1. I love series too. My favorite thing is to find a book I like and realize it's the first of a long series. Yahoo!

  2. I enjoy reading a series too -- most recently the Elm Creek Quilt Series by Jennifer Chiaverini. Unfortunately, I seem to first pick up a book that's from the middle of the series and then have to go back and read the earlier ones!
    The Special Tasks Bureau Series sounds like a good one.


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