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Monday, December 28, 2020

Gardening During Craziness

I feel rather like Rip Van Winkle, as if I fell asleep months ago in the blogosphere and had to relearn format. Sheesh. I also have a Wordpress site and its gone through a major makeover in my absence. But here I am. Finally. Trying to sum up my journey in a sound bite or two.

Covid turned our world on its head in March and it flipped again in May with daughter Alison's cancer diagnosis. The big C is bad anytime, but Covid makes it worse. These past six months I've supported her as she underwent emergency surgery and a grueling course of Chemo for colon cancer--stage 3. Her three children, especially two--year-old Charlie, needed a lot of attention (still do). Only a few of us, like her husband and the other grandma, could help with the kids because of their tight covid circle. Our area continues to be a hotspot. But we were amazed by the stream of faithful friends and neighbors who brought meals, ran errands, and did loads of laundry for the family. This generous outpouring made a huge difference, as did the countless prayers. We are eternally grateful. Shortly before Christmas, the oncologist declared Alison's latest scans good. Thank God. She's free from cancer treatment, apart from follow up scans and tests. It's hard to believe this challenging episode is done. It seemed endless.

My indoor Window Garden.

In addition to helping Alison and the kids, I threw myself into the garden. Planting, pruning, digging--all that goes with gardening--lifts my spirts and calms my mind. Every time events threatened to send me up a tree, I ordered a rose for the Memorial Garden. I'd already planted a great many, but the number swelled with such a memorable year. When it got too late for rose planting, I ordered a LOT of bulbs and added tulips, hyacinths, crocus, daffodils, and lilies to the many lying dormant in the ground. When spring comes, they will burst forth with abundant color and fragrances. When the weather grew too frigid to plant bulbs outside I turned to my indoor garden. Geraniums and rosemary brighten the sunspace and I add new amaryllis bulbs each fall. I've been given four orchids, several cyclamen, Christmas cactus, and acquired a variety of succulents. Bringing hyacinths into bloom early is on the agenda and I always grow paperwhites.Gardening, indoors or out, helps keep me sane. Hubby Dennis is putting up a greenhouse outside the sunspace which will give me more room for starting seeds. The dahlias daughter Elise and I dug are overwintering in an unused bedroom and I've ordered a few more flamboyant tubers. And tuberous begonias. *Of course.

Cyclamen in my window garden:

I'm still an author, guess I always will be, but writing has been on the backburner these past months. I didn't have the heart to venture into that consuming world, while holding my breath about Alison. I hope to soon. Maybe I'll finish that time travel I began B. C. Before Covid. Meanwhile, two of my novels are free this week from Sunday through Thursday at Amazon.

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(December Sunset over our farm pond.)

 See you next year!


  1. Your post reminded me of the year we lived near San Francisco and had cyclamen in our flower bed in front of the house. We had gorgeous flowers and a lemon tree but I still prefer where we live now. I'm so happy for Alison and your family.

    1. How lovely and thanks so much. We are rejoicing.

  2. Such good news about your daughter. I know she has a long road ahead but I hope she continues to improve. I always love to hear about your garden. Thank you for your post.

  3. Glad to hear your daughter is doing better. I like to hear about your garden, and look at the pretty garden photos you post.

  4. Good news about your daughter. Nothing impacts us as much as our children.

  5. Beth I am so happy to hear about Alison and I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.
    I loved reading about all the lovely flowers you planted and keep indoors. I look forward to the photos in Spring and Summer as they bloom!
    It makes me long for the farm I grew up on. I don't have the space to plant many flowers where I live now, but you've inspired me to tuck some in here and there.

    I FINALLY got around to planting crocus bulbs around our Sweet Gum tree this fall and will post pics when they pop up (If the squirrels didn't get them first! LOL)

    I pray 2021 sees us all getting back to some a semblance of normalcy.

    Keep posting those beautiful pics of your flowers and of the fur babies.

    1. Thanks so much. Your crocus will be wonderful around the sweet gum tree and will inspire you to plant more. I most fervently pray for a more normal 2021. I will post more floral pics as I have them. :)

  6. What good news about your daughter. That's a Christmas present in itself. This fall I planted two dozen lupine bulbs since a skunk decided to dig up all mine during late summer. He is now trapped out and set free far, far away. Happy New Year!


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