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Wednesday, December 2, 2020


By Caroline Clemmons

December IS the most wonderful time of year—at least from the first through Christmas Eve. I confess to feeling a little let-down once the anticipation is over. This might explain why we always leave our decorations up through the twelve days of Christmas and January 6. Decorating, choosing gifts for those we love, sending cards, baking cookies to take to friends, and looking forward to happy times is to be treasured. Can you tell I love, love, love this season of the year?

Christians are following the tradition of the Wise Men bringing gifts to the baby Christ child when we give gifts to those we love. No matter what your religion, it is better (more fun and more fulfilling) to give than to receive. This year when so many have suffered terrible effects from the pandemic, it seems especially important to celebrate what's good.

Two neighbors have already brought us gifts—one a poinsettia and another brought a tin of cookies. At many homes in our area, lawn and house decorations appeared before Thanksgiving. We need extra cheer to dispel the gloom of the pandemic. At our house, we’ve been watching a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies.  

One of the best ways to escape the doldrums is to turn off the news and read a romance. No matter what happens in the story, you’re guaranteed a happy conclusion. That’s what we’re all hoping for in our personal lives, isn’t it?

Here we say Smart Girls Read Romance, but in truth Smart Guys do, too! Choose a book by any of our authors, snuggle in a comfy place with your favorite beverage near, and you’ll be all set to lighten your mood. Some of us have Christmas stories, some don’t. In case you’re wondering, here are some suggestions, authors alphabetized by first name:

Beth Trissel – A WARRIOR FOR CHRISTMAS  $1.99

Caroline Clemmons – ANGEL FOR CHRISTMAS $2.99

Caroline Clemmons – MELODY, book 7, Angel Creek Christmas Brides, 99 cents           

Keta Diablo – THE SKY SERIES, set of books 1-3 for only $2.97 (may be purchased separately)

Jacquie Rogers – HOW THE TEXAN STOLE CHRISTMAS part of the Hearts of Owyhee Series, 99 cents

Jacquie Rogers – A GIFT FOR RHODA, a Christmas mail-order bride story, 99 cents,           

Joan Reeves – LAST CHRISTMAS $2.99


Joan Reeves – STUCK ON THE NAUGHTY LIST, 99 cents

Judy Ann Davis – A MUSICAL CHRISTMAS, books 1-3 (award winning) $4.97 (may be purchased separately)

Laurean Brooks – HALF-PRICE BRIDE $3.99

Rain Trueax – A MONTANA CHRISTMAS, Starting Over book 3 $2.99

Sherri Easley – A LOVE TO CALL MY OWN, $2.99

As I heard in a Hallmark movie, “Christmas is about love. Those who are lucky keep it all year long.”

Here’s hoping you keep love in your heart the rest of 2020 and all of 2021.



  1. Beautiful post. Thanks for giving mention to each of us and our works in your blog post. I love Christmas. I like the foods, the scents, the music, the decorations, the lights, and the traditions. My Christmas wish this year is that I hope next year, we can celebrate a "normal" Christmas with family and friends. Merry Christmas, Caroline. Take care. Be well. Stay safe.

  2. Thanks so much for the shout-out and even more for listing some great books for me to read! Christmas will be rather subdued this year, of course, but the spirit of the season is still with us all.


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