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Friday, December 4, 2020

#Christmas Stories to Touch Your Heart by @JacquieRogers


Christmas Stories to Touch Your Heart

I love Christmas lights and a nearby city does, too.  So guess where we went last evening!  Honey Beaulieu tagged along with us.

 Christmas is a special time of year and because of it, also my favorite setting for romance short stories.  I haven't written any new ones, but I thought it would be a good idea to remind folks about the stories already available, all on Kindle Unlimited.  The covers were designed by Prairie Rose Publications co-owner, Livia Reasoner.

A Gift for Rhoda

I have to admit, I felt really super sorry for poor Nate while I was writing this story, but I always knew he was strong enough to deal with whatever Rhoda and the bad guys threw at him.  Here's the blurb:

Rhoda Johnson is stranded in a lonely cabin without a groom. The townsfolk say she’s better off without him, but her drunken groom sends a message that he’ll claim her as his Christmas bride. 

Meantime, gunman and ex-Confederate soldier Nate Harmon comes to Idaho to make peace with his abolitionist preacher father. When half-frozen Nate reaches the cabin on a snowy Christmas Eve, instead of his parents, he’s greeted by a pretty blonde with a shotgun who keeps calling him Mr. Snyder. 

Will she shoot him, or melt his heart? 

This story is fairly spicy if you like a little more zing to your reading.  I loved the characters (of course) and the story is set in Owyhee County, Idaho Territory, as is my Hearts of Owyhee series.  

Winnifred Spangler has thrown herself into community work to ward off the pangs of her lonely heart. Fairview, Idaho Territory, is snowed in—and cabin fever has set in with a vengeance. Winnie organizes a gift exchange for the town’s single young adults. Her hope is that a few of them will find the loves of their lives.

Judd Shaw, a Texas cowhand, hates the ice and cold. As soon as the roads are passable, he’s headed back to Texas. But thanks to his childhood friend, he’s caught up in the Secret Christmas Angel game, and the name he draws is the prettiest widow in all of Idaho—Winnie.

Can Winnie’s smile melt his hardened Texas heart?

The Murdock brothers have a fine ranch in Owyhee County, Idaho. Only two things missing--wives and kids, so Hec orders a couple of brides for Christmas. The catch is, woman-shy Zeke doesn't know about Hec's plan, nor is he interested in shackling himself to a woman for life. 

Mail-order brides Dinah and Stella have a plan— If the grooms don’t work out, they have money enough to start a restaurant. But first, they'll give the Murdock brothers a chance.  Farm chores are hard enough for a couple of city ladies, but a peckish chicken and a raging blizzard don’t help matters. 

Can Hec and Zeke capture their hearts?

Watch out for the sea serpent, Honey!

We had a COVID-safe Thanksgiving and it looks as though Christmas will be spent much the same.  I wish you a safe and healthy holiday season.

Happy Reading!

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