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Wednesday, December 23, 2020


                                                    by Judy Ann Davis

This year, there was nothing my husband or I wanted for Christmas. My only request, since we decided to stay in Central Pennsylvania this year and not winter in Florida, was to get a real wreath for the back door so I could smell the pine every time I entered the house from the back door. I’m a farm kid, and real pine scent brings back warm memories.

I think, when we all look back at Christmas next year, we’ll remember how important our lives, our family members’ and friends’ lives, our warm homes and nourishing food, and all those things we took for granted were far more important than any physical gifts in 2020.

So on Christmas Eve, instead of a long post, I leave you with a few lines from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss. How spot on it is for this Year 2020!

…So he paused. And the Grinch put his hand to his ear.
And he did hear a sound rising over the snow.
It started in low. Then it started to grow.
But the sound wasn't sad! Why, this sound sounded merry!
It couldn't be so! But it WAS merry! VERY!
He stared down at Whoville! The Grinch popped his eyes!
Then he shook! What he saw was a shocking surprise!
Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small,
Was singing! Without any presents at all!
He HADN'T stopped Christmas from coming! IT CAME!
Somehow or other, it came just the same!
And the Grinch, with his grinch-feet ice cold in the snow,
Stood puzzling and puzzling: "How could it be so?"
"It came without ribbons! It came without tags!"
"It came without packages, boxes or bags!"
And he puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before!
"Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store."
"Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!”…
~ * ~

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas…let your heart be light. 
From now on, (let’s hope) our troubles will (soon) be out of sight!"

 My Musical Christmas Series is a fun, light read that will keep you in the holiday spirit!

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  1. thank you Judy Ann for reminding us that Christmas is in our heart and not in our surroundings. I also want to thank you for commenting on my posts so often, you have inspired me to be a better and more supportive teammate in this group! Merry Christmas to you and yours! <3

    1. Thanks for stopping by on Christmas Eve. I look forward to reading your posts. It's fun to see all the varied subjects of the participants here. Have a Merry Christmas! Be well and stay safe.

  2. What a wonderful post and what a true sentiment.

  3. Thanks Bea for stopping by. Have a wonderful Christmas. Let's hope we can reset the world on New Year's Day and have a better, safer, and more cheerful year ahead.


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