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Saturday, January 2, 2021


By Caroline Clemmons

Happy New Year!

Some of you may remember that Hero and I downsized several years ago. We had to give away, sell, and throw away many items we really wanted to keep. Even so, each of us held on to some favorite collections. Of course, books figure in, both print and e-books.

Some things are too precious to surrender. For instance, years ago a friend gave me an angel. That gift started my collection of angels. Dozens and dozens of them are decorations for our Christmas tree. On the other hand, many are displayed all year.

Nativity sets are another of my fascinations. My favorite is one my husband brought from Israel. Second would be the one my mom displayed when I was growing up.  I gave away several small sets when we downsized. I kept the white porcelain Lenox set, the white porcelain Avon Holy Family and cherub, the set we used for our family, and a musical scene.  

Related are the religious crosses and figures, many of which were gifts from friends. One I especially enjoy is a black Madonna from South America. Another is a hand-carved figure of St. Frances de Sales—patron saint of authors. I especially treasure numerous crosses our eldest daughter made when she was able to work with a scroll saw. Our youngest daughter gave me a kitchen Madonna which depicts the Christ child as a young boy of about five or six who is in the kitchen with his mother.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

I used to collect bells and tea pots. Since I write books set in the West, I think it appropriate that I keep western memorabilia. Some of this is related to Roy Rogers. What can I say? I was seriously in love with him, starting about when I was six. That was destroyed when I learned he hadn’t waited for me to grow up, but had married Dale Evans. Sigh.

There’s not actually a point to my rambling. I simply wanted to share my obsessions with you. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you try CHARLOTTE’S CHALLENGE. I love Charlotte Dunn and Bret Craig. Helping them find one another was my pleasure. Intellectually, I know they’re only imaginary characters. Emotionally, they’re real people, and I imagine their story continuing long after the book has concluded. If you haven’t read it, treat yourself. The Universal Amazon Link is CHARLOTTE’S CHALLENGE is also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.  



  1. I don't actively "collect," but I seem to see teapots and snowmen all over the place. Hmmm... I enjoyed your "rambling," and I loved Charlotte's story!

  2. Enjoyed your post. I too collect angels. I received the first one when my daughter was born. Now I have dozens of them, and I love them.

  3. Apparently I've unwittingly started a mask collection, and looking around my office, I obviously collect scrap paper and envelopes. You collect much prettier things than I do. LOL

  4. Besides a stack of empty notebooks (which I hope everyone also has), I collect brown cows. We are downsizing and cleaning out areas of our house, especially now, since Covid has us locked in. However, I've learned you have to be in a "throwing out" and "don't look back" mood. Happy New Year. Love the cover of "Charlotte's Challenge."


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