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Friday, December 16, 2016

Book Birthday: Nobody's Cinderella @JoanReeves

Five years ago, I published Nobody's Cinderella, a romantic comedy set in San Antonio, Texas, just before Christmas.

I'm celebrating the Book Birthday of Nobody's Cinderella, starting today and continuing through a Facebook party on Dec. 18. Details about the party are below so be sure and read. Better still, plan to attend because I'm giving away prizes and so are my fellow authors at the party.ich feature

About Nobody's Cinderella

A couple of little lies...a wish on a star... Uh oh!

Review: "I love Ms. Reeves' heroines. There is a little bit of them in all of us and that endears them to us even more. Just enough conflict, steam, misunderstandings, and humor."

Darcy Benton is the oldest cliche in the world—a woman in love with her boss. Other than that, she's no-nonsense, practical, mature, and sober. She's just the kind of woman Chase Whitaker wants as head of accounting for his company. She's definitely not the kind of woman he wants in his bed.

Enter Darcy's meddling, matchmaking best friend who has a plan to transform Darcy into a hottie designed to attract Chase's interest. All it takes? A couple of little lies. And a wish on a Christmas star. Darcy should have heeded that old advice: be careful what you wish for.

Why Cinderella Story  Is So Popular

The Cinderella Myth is one of the most popular folk tales in the world. You’ll find it in not only European countries but also in India, Vietnam, and Africa. In truth, it crosses all cultural lines. There are hundreds of folk tale versions of the Cinderella story.

Surprising History

You might be surprised to learn that one of the earliest recorded versions comes from China. According to the Chinese story, the heroine doesn’t have a fairy godmother, but a magical fish who helps her. However, a golden shoe leads a prince to her, and they marry. Some sources say the story actually originated in Greece even earlier.

Nearly 1200 years later, Cinderella is still having her story told by countless authors – including me. See the pretty shoes on the cover? Cinderella always needs a pair of knock ’em dead shoes.

In Nobody’s Cinderella, Darcy Benton is a Cinderella who wishes on a Christmas star instead of waiting for her fairy godmother to cast a spell and send Darcy to the ball in search of her prince. Of course, Darcy already has her prince picked out, and he's Chase Whitaker, owner of an oil exploration/production company.

Most Cinderella stories don’t show Cindy and her prince living happily ever after, but I do. In Cinderella Blue which "stars" Darcy's brother, you get a chance to see Darcy and Chase and their adorable baby. I wanted to give readers a glimpse of Darcy and Chase’s happily-ever-after because I like to see love validated. Isn’t that what a sequel is for?

Nobody's Cinderella is one of my favorite books that I've written. If you read it, I think you'll really like this Christmas Cinderella romance. If you do, please tell your friends and/or post a short review.  As an author, word of mouth is my best friend and greatly appreciated.

Come To The Party

My friends and I who are the Glass Slipper Sisters are having a Holiday Party Sunday evening, December 18, from 6pm to 8pm EST.

Please join us as we celebrate our one year anniversary! To thank the readers who love all the different kinds of Cinderella romances, we’ll be giving away books, prizes, and a special Cinderella-themed grand prize--trust me, you'll love it!!

I'll be there along with some of my Glass Slipper Sisters to answer questions, share excerpts, holiday recipes, give away prizes, and just have fun!

Book Details

Nobody’s Cinderella is available at: Amazon Kindle * iTunes * Kobo * Nook * Smashwords.

Nobody’s Cinderella Audio Book is available in audio at Audible. The audio edition is also available at iTunes.

Post Script

I'll see you at the Glass Slipper Sisters Holiday Party on Facebook. Until then, happy reading and make the most of friendship and love during this holiday season.

Joan Reeves is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Sassy, Sexy Contemporary Romance. Her books are available at all major ebook sellers with audio editions available at  Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. In 2017, new print editions of her books will be published.

All of Joan's books have the same underlying theme: It's never too late to live happily ever after. Joan lives her happily ever after with her hero, her husband, in the Lone Star State.

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  1. NOBODY'S CINDERELLA sounds like a delightful story. You're right - the Cinderella story never gets old, especially when the characters are updated and twists and turns are added. Have fun at your book's birthday party!

    1. Thanks, Sandy. The Glass Slipper Sisters Party was fabulous. I was surprised by the big turnout this close to Christmas.

  2. Joan, I love your books. They are fun and you keep the story moving. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Caroline. Merry Christmas to you too.


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