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Thursday, December 8, 2016


Red Hawk Christmas (Women Starting Over, Book 1) by Rain Trueax

Review by Caroline Clemmons, filling in for Mary Adair

Diana Ashburn is still reeling from an unwanted divorce and looking for purpose in her life. Her children are grown and don’t need her, she’s retired from teaching history and political science, and she senses unrest within her. What should she do to find fulfillment?

She chooses a course of action that stymies her children and friends. Diana sells her home and most of her possessions and buys a Class C motor home that she names Red Hawk. She isn’t acting impulsively—online she’s been following others who live this life and picking up tips. She wants a large enough home to be comfortable but not one too large to handle.

Against her children’s wishes, she and her two Chihuahuas set out to tour the country. Rather than missing her old life, she enjoys the ability to go where she wishes as the will takes her. She begins with Native American ruins and sites.

Near Christmas, she decides to stay awhile in remote Bluff, Utah. Much to her surprise, she has three men interested in her. After so many years, she isn’t sure how to deal with all the attention—or with her own reactions. Is it too late for Diana to find love?

This is a novella about starting over when you’re no longer a cute young chick. Rain Trueax has captured Diana perfectly in about 30,000 words. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and highly recommend RED HAWK CHRISTMAS. Worth far more than the 99 cent price, this is a sweet, G-rated story. 

To help celebrate Christmas, I'll give a copy of RED HAWK CHRISTMAS to one person who leaves a comment. 


  1. This sounds like an interesting story!

  2. I'm looking forward to reading Red Hawk Christmas. Diana sounds like a fascinating and complex character, and I can relate to her desire to spice up her life!

  3. Its so nice to read a book about an older woman. There are many of us out there so this is most welcome. I have not yet read it but am hoping to, soon.

  4. thanks so much for the review here and giving away one copy of the book. It is much appreciated :)


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