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Friday, December 9, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Writers

It's that time of year again, and every year I update the gift guide for writers. For those of you who have writers in your life (and we all do. We're like black sheep, we're everywhere!) don't miss this list!
Here’s a simple guide of various gifts that writers would greatly appreciate, including a few items to avoid. :)

~Reviews! - 2nd year in the row on the top of the list! Reviews on novels through whatever medium you use. Amazon, GoodReads, B&N Nook. If you loved a novel, write a review and let others know! Can't tell you how much this one is appreciated, especially by Indie authors like us, more than any other 'gift!'
~Wireless laser printer (color or black & white) - With the amount of paper we go through printing out our masterpieces, the faster the better. Preferably one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to replace the toner.
~ Subscription to PicMonkey or Canva - Most authors are now involved in areas of marketing or promotions for their own novels and brand, if not 100% responsible for it. These sites help us create graphics and appealing ads to market our lovely books! (Writers, if you don't know about these sites, you must check them out!)
~Printer paper - A whole case doesn't cost that much, and we'll go through every single sheet. It's like chocolate or coffee, they don't last very long in a writer's household.
~Ink or Toner - See paper.
~Coffee mugs - Speaking of coffee, we go through ridiculous amounts of this life-saving beverage. Though feel free to spread the wings a little bit and include some kind of special flavored hot teas. Just to shake things up. But be unique with these mugs. Show us something different, and of course must be dishwasher safe!
~Coffee, or Starbucks gift cards – We need something to put in those lovely mugs you purchased. Since we're not allowed to filter coffee through an IV, we'll settle for the next best thing.
~Pens – But not just any pen. Give us something different, like those coffee mugs.
~Books – Obviously! Was there any other guess? We'll settle for giftcards to bookstores, too.
~ Chocolate or Fruit Bouquets - Something snack size so we can munch as we write. Chocolate because this is my guilty pleasure, and fruit bouquets because it would be nice to have something healthy in there. Or perhaps chocolate-dipped fruit! Ooh, best of both worlds!
~Massage or Spa Day gift card – This one is still on the list, because it's vital. Can't stress it enough. This forces us out of the house to relax our writing muscles.

Don’t Bother With These:

X Thesaurus – Once again, top of the Do Not Purchase List. Every writer already has one, and every good writer knows not to use it. Still #truth.
X Subscription to Writer’s Digest or Writer’s Journal – This was on the list last year as an option, but this year it got kicked to the curb. Why? Because all of the information in these subscriptions are now available online through other means, and mostly free of charge. Sorry!
X Digital Voice Recorder – Every phone has something already on it that works. My phone came with 3 different apps.
X Journals – Unless specifically requested, stay away from these! Every writer has a billion of these shoved somewhere in drawers. Plus, it’s a cliché. Writers are supposed to hate clichés.

That's this year's gift guide for writers. Do you have any suggestions for this list, something that we missed?  Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanza! Happy Holidays! PEACE ON EARTH
*This post originally appeared on Smart Girls Read Romance blog on 12/10/15.

Susan Sheehey writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance. Her latest series, Royals of Solana is currently being recovered and packaged, and will be available early 2017. Her original debut novel, Audrey's Promise, was rereleased November 2016, and is available on e-retailers now. Susan is a strong advocate for autism awareness and acceptance, and includes the healing element of water in every story. She lives and laughs in Texas with her husband and two boys. Follow Susan on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Sign up for her monthly newsletter of goodies and exclusive contests Here.


  1. Great list! I especially like the emphasis on coffee and chocolate -- life saving essentials! I'm sharing this on my Facebook page as a not-so-subtle hint.

  2. Must. Have. Coffee.

    My favorite online graphics editor is Pixlr. You might give it a look-see--you might like it. I wouldn't mind having a subscription to that!

    What to add to the list: battery packs for Kindles and phones! You can never have too many.

  3. Great list. An Amazon gift card for those authors with Kindles is also appreciated. I love the battery idea. My mouse or keyboard always gives me trouble when I'm in the middle of an important project. Have a Happy Holiday, Susan.

  4. What a fantastic list and it really speaks to the writers needs. Love this.


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