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Sunday, August 2, 2015


By Caroline Clemmons

Don't you love when good things happen to good people? I do, and my critique partner, Geri Foster, is truly one of those good people. Writing is a competitive business. Some authors act as if sharing any information with another writer might damage their sales. Hey, there are billions of readers so I think there are enough to go around. 

Geri Foster is one who excels in her field yet finds time to share her "secrets" with others. Pardon the clich├ęs, but she is always giving back and paying it forward. She has helped me and countless others and I am extremely happy to see her success rewarded.

OUT OF LUCK is Geri Foster's latest in her Falcon Securities series. A bit different than others in the Falcon series, this is a novella in Kindle Worlds' Hot Seals series. Amazon recruited  Geri due to the success of her previous Falcon novels. That's right, Amazon called her. What a coup!

In OUT OF LUCK, Michelle Slater is being targeted by her ex-boss. Michelle turns to a friend for help, who recruits Dan McCray, an ex-Navy Seal now a Falcon agent. At first the assignment seems simple enough—convince the stalker to cease his obsession and move on. Ah, but things in a Falcon novel are never that simple.

Soon Dan learns that Michelle’s pursuer is much more; he’s a serial rapist and killer. And this villain believes Michelle is his property and intends to claim her. All seems lost, but those Falcon agents are good. How will Dan save Michelle? Will he lose his heart?

OUT OF LUCK is a cleverly written novella sure to keep readers pouring over every word. If you want your e-copy, you'll be happy to learn it's only $1.99 and is available at: 

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