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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back to School, Synopses, and Schedules, Oh My

Ahhhhh y’all smell that? The hint of back-to-school is in the air. There’s just something about new notebooks, new pens, and new schedules that get me in the mood to write.
Put me in a classroom setting where I’m supposed to concentrate on what someone else is saying and I can zone out and outline a bunch of ideas. This time of year is perfect timing for me. The story I had last month that I put off because I needed to finish book-3 for my contract, has festered into a 5 book series. I've created story boards of pictures ideas on Pinterest.

And you know WHY I can start on this new series? I finished that 3rd book for my contract. I get so excited and emotional when I type those two little words. 

Here’s where I have a problem… typically when I finish a book I’m done with it. Back in the day the idea of publishing was something I would scoff at. I never thought it would happen and therefore, never edit. I’d just move on with the next idea. But no! I must edit this book better. I don’t want a repeat of the walk-of-shame editing after I turn this in. Hey, don’t judge me. I’m still learning.
My face when I have to write the synopsis! 

Y’all know I love my schedules and being organized. But wish me luck. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

I just have to get 5 kids on schedule with going back to school soon, have a combat battle with this a/c unit in my house (which I must win, I live in Florida. Think 100 degree swampy weather), and get the wall of tree debris from last month up and into bags because our garbage folks won’t pick up (something we’ve learned after like 5 drivebys from them).

Until next time.....Happy writing! Happy reading. 


  1. Even though I no longer have children at home to send off to school, this time of year must be ingrained in my DNA. I love seeing school supplies and want to rush out and stock up on notebooks and pens. Cute post.

  2. I lived in Florida at one time and agree that a functioning air conditioner is an absolute necessity. I also remember mounds of palm fronds and other yard clippings that accumulated almost all year long. Good luck with all that--plus school starting! Congratulations on finishing Book 3 and good luck with your edits.

  3. A fun blog! Good luck on getting the kids ready for school! I always have to pick up "something" when school starts. Usually a new notebook! All my kids are grown and now it is grandkids!


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