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Thursday, October 2, 2014


By Caroline Clemmons

Now that Fall is officially here, we’ve entered my favorite time of the year. I think of this as our cozy period gearing up for the holidays. I’m such a fan of Christmas that I look forward to it all year long.

Sure, I’m still writing like crazy—that’s what I do. Yes, I’m still stuck in bed with my foot propped up following ankle reconstruction, but the foot and ankle are looking great and already feel much better than before the surgery. In one more month, I’ll be able to put my weight on the foot—I hope.

In the meantime, Hero is enjoying the cooler weather for the fishing he loves, in spite of having to literally wait on me hand and foot as well as rake leaves. As a matter of fact, we’re both pretty happy right now. As the old colloquialism goes, “We’re as happy as if we had good sense.”

Now I have a question for you readers. Do you read Christmas books only in November and December? Or, like me, do you read Christmas themed books all year?

For years I resisted writing a Christmas book because I feared it would have a short life. Both our daughters asked for one, though, so what’s a mother to do but comply?

My current work in progress is titled STONE MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS. If not for the interruption of the aforementioned major surgery, I had planned to launch this novella this week. You know what happens to the best-laid plans, right? Yep, not only do they often go awry, but sometimes Life kicks them into next month.

This is NOT a complaint, by the way. I chose to have the surgery and am relieved to be nearly pain-free. I’m merely making excuses, maybe whining a little because I’m behind schedule several weeks.

On a more cheerful note, let me share the lovely cover Kim Killion did for me. Kim is gifted, as you can see. I picked out from her stock photos a shot of the person I wanted on the cover, described what I wanted, and Kim worked her magic.   

What do you think?

The story is set in the fictional Radford Crossing, Texas when lovely young widow Celia Dubois comes to stay with her parents, George and Harriett Sturdivant. They own the mercantile store. Celia is aware of the pall that’s fallen on the community since bandits burned their church. She vows to restore the town’s Christmas spirit.

Eduardo Montoya is captivated from the moment he first sees Celia. The charming flirt is almost speechless around her because this woman is too important to his heart. He volunteers to help with her project. Perhaps spending time with her will offer a chance to court her.

I hope you’ll be watching for this novella and will enjoy reading STONE MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS. 


  1. Beautiful cover! I've always read Christmas books and sewed for Christmas from August on, but the older I get the less time there seems to be--I haven't started yet for this year!

  2. Love the cover! I read Christmas at Christmas. Only because I never thought about reading them at other times!

  3. That's an eye-catching cover! I enjoy Christmas books and stories more at Christmas but I will read a favorite anytime of the year.

  4. Beautiful cover! I will be looking for Stone Mountain Christmas.

  5. What do I think? I think you have another winner! :)


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