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Friday, October 24, 2014


By Brenda Daniels

Do you have a guilty pleasure? You know, the books on your "keeper" shelf. The ones you can't bear to part with and read over and over again.

Your family can't understand why you keep those old books. They shake their heads and frown. You've already read them, they say. Store them on your e-reader, they say. (I did.)

Well meaning family members offer to come in and clear my shelves. I suspect they are terrified I am a hoarder. Four tall bookshelves and 5 storage tubs full of books do not scream "hoarder." These are the same people who collect Fitz and Floyd figurines or shoes, for goodness sakes. The figurines need dusting and the shoes are expensive. I hate housework and I wear granny shoes.

I don't necessarily collect great fiction, but there are some authors who wrote such a good story, that I love to pull out the worn book and settle in to get lost in a good gothic romance (any Victoria Holt) or a wonderful historical (Christy by Catherine Marshall) or medieval romance (Saving Grace by Julie Garwood).

What is your go to book that never disappoints and makes you smile every time you read it? Don't worry about loving friends and family who don't understand. Offer to come to their house and toss out all those dust magnets on their shelves. See what they say, then.

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  1. I agree, Brenda. We save and reread favorite books. Each time I reread a book I see something I'd forgotten and/or remember why I love that author's work.


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