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Sunday, October 12, 2014


We're (my husband and I) in the middle of building a house and I forgot I was up today and there is more roofing to put on. So... You are getting a Blatant Self-Promotion blog.

Where the house is at the moment.

Releasing November 1st I'll be in a Christmas Anthology with other authors of Windtree press.

The Gift of Christmas 

An Anthology of Christmas stories  by a dozen authors from the Windtree Press.

A former Marine, desperate for employment, takes a temp job that leads to a life-changing decision on Christmas Eve. A family locket with magical powers saves the life of its wearer during the holidays. A doctor’s nonfiction reflection of her father’s cancer diagnosis reveals the spirit of Christmas.

Add in a little dog’s snowy adventure, magic realism, and a touch of mistletoe, and readers will delight in these 12 diverse and heartfelt stories exploring the love, messiness and miracles of Christmas.

“Metro’s Mountain Cabin” by Susie Slanina
“The Cancer Christmas” by Melissa Yuan
“Christmas Miracles” by Pamela Cowan
“The Nest” by Courtney Pierce
“Isabella’s Christmas Box” by Paty Jager
“The Mermaids Treasure” by Anna Brentwood
“Don’t Forget the Mistletoe” by Christy Carlyle
“First Love” by Judith Ashley
“Christmas with You” by Jane Killick
“Career Conundrum Christmas” by Jamie Brazil
“The Hogmanay Stranger” by Maggie Jaimeson
“A Marine’s Christmas Proposal” by Susan Lute

Here is the direct link on the Windtree Press book page:


  1. Love the house setting, Paty. Building your own is the way to get just what you want. You'll enjoy those long covered porches.

  2. Lovely cover. Good luck on the house.


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