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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Addicted to Serial Fiction by Kimmie Easley

If it's not broke - don't fix it.

Ever heard that old adage? Yeah, me too, about a million times. However, just because it's redundant, doesn't mean it doesn't hold merit. 

It's also a good way to describe serial fiction, to be more specific, good serial fiction. 

As a reader, I know that intense feeling of falling in love with characters, being pulled into their lives, feeling their pain, heartache, healing, and desire. Forgetting where you are and what you're doing because your 100% completely invested in your current read. People want to dig deeper. What happen to that endearing side character? Will the nice guy who finished last find love? The list goes on, and is different for everyone.

Now days we have the convenience of the push of a button (better known as one click) and we instantly have the next in a series, depending on an author's publishing schedule. 

As an author, this excites me. I fall in love with my characters the same way a reader does (or at least I hope the reader does). I mourn when a book is finished and I no longer spend my day in a certain made up world with my fictional friends. 

I never thought I would take part in serial fiction, not that I had anything against it, I suppose I never thought about it in general. However, I started noticing the trend, and then one day, it simply took off. Everyone was writing serial fiction (hence the above mentioned good reference), and now I know why. 

IT'S ADDICTIVE for both the reader, and the author. 

So, in regards to the uprising trend of serial fiction, if it ain't broke - don't fix it. 

That's why book #4 in my Tasting Series is set to release in less than two weeks. This series has been so much fun, and they're spinning out pretty quickly. I can't get enough, and better yet, neither can the readers (insert infinite yays here)! They are quick, hot 'stand alones' with small cameos. 

 Tasting Texas (Tasting, #1)Tasting New York (Tasting, #2)Tasting Nashville (Tasting, #3)Tasting Los Angeles (Tasting #4)


The characters continue to mess with my head, and the stories continue to stir. More in the Tasting Series to come! 


  1. I can't argue with the reasoning behind all of this, Kimmie. So no fixing suggestions from me. I just wish I wrote faster. And high five for you and your fab series. I'm glad it's going so well.Some settings and eras are a tougher sell.

  2. Congratulations on your success, Kimmie. Best wishes for the future!

  3. Another tasting book? I think you're onto something here, Kimmie. Good luck with the latest.

  4. Congratulations on your series. I'm glad there are so many out, I won't have to wait before picking up the next one. I agree about a series, it is so hard to wait when the next one is not out yet. But then, that's part of the excitement too.


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