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Friday, August 30, 2013


By Guest Kathy Ivan

Well, hello again.  The lovely ladies here at Smart Girls Read Romance asked me to come back and talk a little about my latest release, Losing Cassie.  It is available for individual sale but it's also included in a new box set, 9 Ways To Fall In Love, which releases on September 1st for the awesome price of $0.99. 

LOSING CASSIE is book #2 in the Destiny's Desire series.   When I finished the first story, a novella called SECOND CHANCES, I knew Jake would be the hero of book #2.  He grabbed me by the heartstrings and wouldn't let go.  (In book #1 Jake gets a letter and it mentions a woman named Cassandra.  That's all we know about her, her name in a letter and how just seeing her name makes Jake feel.)

Now my brain immediately says . . . Okay, who is Cassandra?  What's her connection with Jake?  From that moment the idea for Jake and Cassie's story started coming to life. 

My writing method is a bit of a what if or why process.  I'll usually start with a character or an incident that evokes a question.  What if Jake goes to Destiny's Desire? Another question, why aren't Jake and Cassie together?   What problem is strong enough to tear them apart and keep them apart years later? 

Want to know the answers.  Well, you'll have to read LOSING CASSIE to find out.  J 


Why had Chase sent that letter?  

Jake could go for days at a time now without thinking about Cassandra and everything he'd lost when she disappeared.  Seven years and everything still felt the same.  The same loneliness, the overwhelming knowledge some important piece of his soul was missing.  Why did the mention of her name bring everything pouring back, pulling the scab off a never healing wound?

         Glancing around, he surveyed the destruction he'd wrought throughout the master bathroom suite.  Bathtub smashed.  Walls ripped completely back to the studs.  The double sinks and vanity lay in pieces amidst the carnage.  The only thing unbroken was the huge mirror that used to hang above the sinks.  Still whole and unscratched, Jake's image stared back at him, mocking the calm fa├žade reflected back at him.

         Disgusted, he moved the mirror outside the bathroom door, leaned it against an intact wall, went back and packed away all his tools, shut off the lights, and locked the house up tight. 

         Anxious to get home, he drove the short distance back to his condo in Denver, grabbed a shower and made a couple of calls.  He knew Ryan would cover his shifts, his buddy still owed him from Christmas. 

         Jake couldn't think of one good reason, at least a valid one, but his decision was made. 

Watch out Quinton Chase.  I'm tired of being your frigging puppet.  Think you can pull my strings, mention Cassie's name and I'll come running?  You better have a hell of a good explanation for resurrecting her memory after all these years. 

Destiny's Desire Lodge, here I come. 

Thanks for letting me visit with you again. 

Readers can find LOSING CASSIE at

and in the NINE WAYS TO FALL IN LOVE BOX SET on Amazon at


  1. Hi Kathy,
    I have this book on my kindle and I plan to read it while I'm on vacation.

    1. Thanks, Sylvia! I hope you enjoy Jake and Cassie's story (and tell everybody you know about our terrific box set deal, on sale at Amazon through September. Price goes up to $8.99 on Oct. 1st).

      Have a wonderful vacation and take some pictures that you can post. :-)

  2. Hi, Kathy! It is a great read. OOPS! I should go to a review. Am going now..... racing off

    1. Gee, thanks, Ms. Batman. You always get first dibs on my new stuff. LOL Thanks for the kind words and I appreciate the review. Hugs.

  3. Your excerpt was certainly intriguing. And I loved the cover. Good luck to you. Looks like I need to do a spot of shopping.

    1. Hi Vonnie, thanks so much for the kind words. I loved writing Losing Cassie, and hope you enjoy it just as much.


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