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Monday, September 2, 2013


WooHoo! What a terrific NINE WAYS TO FALL IN LOVE Launch Party we had on Facebook on September 1st!  Special thanks to the over 250 readers who attended our party. Don't forget that we'll be giving away prizes every day of September, some days more than one prize.

Brandy Crownover Dillon is the winner of the Kindle Fire donated by author DeLaine Roberts, whose book TWO SIDES OF A HEARTBEAT is in NINE WAYS TO FALL IN LOVE. Congratulations, Brandy!  

P. J. Nusbaum won a download of the Men of Stone Mountain trilogy from Caroline Clemmons (moi). My book THE TEXAN'S IRISH BRIDE is in NINE WAYS TO FALL IN LOVE. Congratulaions, P.J.! 


Now, I’d like to remind you readers why we write and why we push our books so hard. Yes, that assures us of a royalty payment. I won’t pretend that’s unimportant. Most of us need that money.

While it’s true we would write even if we made no money, most of us can’t afford to spend our days working for free. We have the same expenses as others. Many of us have a “day job” and only write evenings and weekends. Fortunately, I am able to write full time and thank God for my good fortune!

But why we write is about so much more than money. We have these stories in our heads and in our hearts and we can’t rest until we write them.  So, even though we couldn’t spend as much time writing if we didn’t get paid, we would write regardless. We simply can’t help ourselves. 

There is no 12-step program like Alcoholics Anonymous for writers. There is no way to break this wonderful curse we bear—the one where the people in our heads become real to us. Where we "see" these people as if they were on the movie screen or a small mental screen. By the time we complete a book, those characters are like our friends. We like to write series so we can visit our characters again and again.

Yes, it sounds crazy. Maybe we are, but it’s a wonderful madness. We live for it, as much as we breathe the air. You can see why authors adore readers. We need you! Don’t pity us; just buy our books and leave nice reviews. When you enjoy reading a book, tell your friends. 

In return, we’ll write more and more books. We will fuel your need to read. We know your reading is also a habit that is impossible to break because we are doubly cursed. In addition to writing books, we are also readers.

All this month, join us on Facebook at for the continuing launch party of NINE WAYS TO FALL IN LOVE. You can enter by commenting on our Facebook Launch Event Page or by signing up for our newsletter at 

I hope by now you’ve purchased NINE WAYS TO FALL IN LOVE from Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can get an app for almost any reader via Amazon, or you can use Calibre free to convert the download for you.

Buy your boxed set of NINE WAYS TO FALL IN LOVE now at Amazon while the price is still only 99 cents


  1. Did you ever hit the nail on the head with this one, Caroline! Especially the part about the double addiction--so get to writing because I have the disease of not-enough! :)

  2. What a great article Caroline
    So very true, I love to read my fellow authors books. I lose myself in their characters as well as my own.
    Hope you have a great September with your boxed set

  3. Great blog, Caroline. Especially liked the parts about writing series because we like to re-visit our characters. That is very true for me. And I, too, see them on a small, mind's eye movie screen. I also hear them in my head--word-for word conversations that I usually forget as soon as I sit down to write it. lol.

  4. Got my box set! Can't wait to dive in.


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