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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Series - Why We Love Them


I think a lot of readers, when they pick up a book and enjoy the story, want it to continue. Also, we writers might not want to stop writing about those characters, towns or other worlds we've created. That’s why Series are so popular in today’s market. I used to only read Single Titles. Way back when, a well-known author would put out a book once a year and I’d read it no matter what the subject. I read Julie Garwood for years, when she wrote a contemporary, I read that as well. I liked reading Single Titles written by great authors.

It wasn’t until I began considering Indie publishing that I gave serious thought to writing a Series. I labored long and hard about what readers wanted to read. It was only after I realized I’d moved to reading more Series myself that I settled on writing one. I think the reason is it’s very easy for a reader to slip back into that small town, the other world, and go along with a particular group of people.

This is especially true with Paranormal and Fantasy. By the time an author builds that world, and creates those characters, we’re entrenched in the whole idea. We look forward to seeing who steps on stage in the next book, how the other characters will interact and we always love when our favorite character make a reappearance. So, as readers, we like what’s familiar.

So, how bold does a reader need to be to try a new Series? According to those I spoke to at conferences, it’s sometimes the cover, sometimes the genre, but most often it’s what other people are saying about the Series. I think the best way to reach an audience is to tell people you meet about a great book you’ve recently read, or are reading. Those are the first I check out.
I hope you'll check out my Falcon Securities Series.

What are you reading? I’m reading Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld Series. 



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  1. Geri, I enjoy reading and writing series, but I also like single titles, especially when I don't have time to read. Right now I'm reading The Danger of Desire by Elizabeth Essex. It's very good!

  2. Geri, I love series. Yours is one of my favorite! Right now, I'm reading Nora Roberts MISSING and just finished Rhy Bowen's HEIRS AND GRACES (her Royal Spyness series set in the 1920's).

  3. Geri,

    Series are my fav, I'm reading yours right now. I fall so deep in love with the characters, I never wan the story to end.

    Great post.

  4. Looking forward to reading your book, Geri. And I don't care if it's part of a series or not.
    Anna Jeffrey

  5. Geri, I prefer series, both reading and writing. A single title generally has a longer word count which affords the writer time to wrap up every thread the author strings through the story. Most series books are shorter and harder to achieve that. In writing my series, each book is a stand-alone story, but I know I can pick up different parts in the next book and the next to carry the common theme to the end of the series. Great post today!

  6. Thank you ladies, for stopping by.

  7. Geri, I love reading series. You get entrenched with the characters and the people and places around them, so when you pick up the next book, you can jump right in, with a familiarity and a feeling of being with old friends.

    I do like a series where each book can stand alone, though. I think it's important for any new reader coming in to be able to grasp the things that have happened before with just a brief glimpse and then get immediately into the current time/situation/setting.

    Great post!

  8. Geri, I'm enjoying your Falcon Series and Catheryn Cade's Hawaiian Heroes Series. And because readers do like series books, I've started a trilogy that is part of my Halsey Series. My readers want more Halseys and so they are getting three more.

  9. Geri, I'm a series fan, but I don't necessarily seek them out. I usually get hooked by a book in the series and go find the others. In writing series, I like revisiting the characters and setting I created. It always makes me feel as if I'm visiting old friends. I'm currently reading a book for review at a publisher's request. Just finished re-reading some of my favorite Susan Elizabeth Phillips novels.


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