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Thursday, August 22, 2013


By Guest Author, Mary Adair

I confess I am a romantic. I do not believe that romance is an extravagant story or account that has no basis in fact. A story can be written in such a way as to be totally unbelievable…and I love those stories too. But as for romance, I think romance is the best part of mankind. It sees what is possible and gives us the courage to reach out. It gives us empathy. It gives us the strength to forgive and to encourage others.

I don’t see romance as only soft. I see it as strong, forgiving, and hopeful. I see it as morality and the strength to live by it. Kinda sounds like love, doesn't it.

Do I sound like a romantic?  Not only am I a romantic, I strive toward that goal.

The first romance novel I ever read was THE WOLF AND THE DOVE by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I was hooked! I loved the characters, the setting, the time in history, her style of writing, just everything about the story.

I enjoy writing stories that are set in our past and are as historically correct to the time period as I can get. I don’t want my story to be unbelievable, I want it to be moving and inspiring.

Don't you love a strong male character that is not afraid to admit what he feels, at least to himself? I do and I also enjoy strong female characters. Never have I believed women to be weak.

When someone reads one of my books I want them to feel the romance and the adventure and to love the story as much as I did when I wrote it. We see so much sadness in the world today. Actually, I think there has always been sadness in the world. It is encouraging to read a story that reminds us there is goodness and love and yes…romance to be experienced.

Are you a romantic, too?


PASSION'S VISION begins the Passion series in the Cherokee lands of the Carolinas. James Fitzgerald, an English spy masquerading as a trader, encounters a strong and beautiful Cherokee woman, New Moon. sister of the chief. Her visions have prophesied James's arrival and that they will be linked, but she intends to resist him. A white man killed her beloved husband. But she and James must combine their efforts to defeat their foes. 

In the second generation, heroine Golden Dawn has inherited her mother's ability to see the future through visions. She sails from the Carolinas to London to save the life of her true love, Raven Cloud. While heading the London office of James Fitzgerald's shipping company, Raven's secret mission is to locate the man who fathered him then abandoned his mother. But danger threatens to end the lives of Dawn and Raven unless they capture other villains.


Mary Adair

Mary Adair is the Amazon bestselling author of Native American novels PASSION'S VISION and PASSION'S PRICE, the first two books of her Passion series. Her books offer adventure, a twist of humor, and romance. She and her husband live in Southeastern Oklahoma with a menagerie of pets that include chickens, donkeys, cats, and dogs. Lean more about her from her website at and at her blog


  1. Fun post, Mary! While I write romance, I'm not sure I'm a romantic. But I enjoy giving my characters romance.

    1. Paty, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. You may say you are not a romantic, but you do write Romance well. I loved Gambling on an Angel.

    2. Thanks Mary! I"m glad you enjoyed Gambling on an Angel. That's my oldest daughter's favorite book of mine.

  2. I'm a romantic, Mary. I want to give everyone a happily-ever-after.

    1. I agree, a Romance must have a happy ending.

  3. Mary, I, too, am a romantic. I like to run my characters through some action, suspense and the occasional bit of mayhem, but in the end my stories are all about the romance. Good post and thanks for guesting with us!

  4. Mary, isn't every romance author a romantic? I love to read romance, and I love to write it too. I reread The Wolf and The Dove this past year, and it "held up!" Still a great book.

  5. I'm a romantic but I'm picky about the couples--the hero and heroine have to be worthy of each other in a positive way. When I read a book in other genres that don't have romance and clearly should, it frustrates me beyond belief. And I do believe, deep in my heart, in Happily-Ever-After.

  6. Hi Mary! I'm a romantic and always will be :) I read an addictive romance novel I have to share with you and your readers called "Come Fly with Me" by author Judith Whitmore ( The book is for anyone who likes a strong female lead who doesn't wait to be rescued but goes out there and looks for change!The novel follows the unlikely couple Rick and Kate. Rick is a loner pilot who has given up on love and enjoys his fast pace life of flying celebrities and multimillionaires all over the world. Kate on the other hand is in a loveless marriage with a over-achieving workaholic. She has money and time but she’s obviously not happy. She has pursued flying as a way to escape the mundane. Rick becomes Kate’s teacher and the two instantly bond over their love of flying. Their connection makes them realize that they are both missing something very important and fulfilling in their lives, Love! There is so much more to the book I can’t even begin to get into but there are so many twists and turns you won’t be able to put it down. I think “romance, suspense and redemption” is a great way to describe this novel too! Hope you will give it a read :) Here's to all the romantics out there! Enjoy!


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