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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head by Bea Tifton

I am a pluviophile. No, I don't need medical attention. That merely means that I  am a person who loves the sound of rain, or feel joy or peace on rainy days. Everyone around me may be complaining about the overcast skies and gloomy days, but I'm sighing with contentment and settling in.

Rainy skies were not always my friend. One year when I was in my early twenties, a friend and I were eating in an Indian restaurant in a sketchy part of town when we had one of those Texas downpours. The power even went out, so we just calmly finished our food in the dark. When it was time to go home, we realized our car was now sitting in the middle of a new lake. With the invincibility and poor judgement of youth, we took off our shoes and just waded to our car, laughing and shrieking as the rain started again. Amazingly, we didn't cut our feet, get sepsis, or drown. We were able to start my car and drive carefully home. 

Another time, my part of town flooded quickly  I was out doing errands and it wasn't a case of "Turn Around, Don't Drown," as the water surrounded me within seconds. I have a little car, a Hyundai Sonata, but my faithful little Sonny stayed on as I drove through the rain, white knuckles gripping the steering wheel until my hands ached. I have no sense of direction, so as I turned to avoid the worst of the flooding or looked for a place to wait until the waters receded, I became disoriented and lost. I followed a huge truck that shielded me from the worst of the rain, and finally I realized where I was and made it home.

But usually, rain is just a great way for me to hunker down in my little nest. The overcast skies and the rhythm of the rain soothe me as I nap during the day or sleep at night. What a great excuse to just sit and read a wonderful book, cup of tea at my side. 

The smell of the earth after a rain, fresh and clear. And the sense of clean, or renewal. Even after a rain, I am a happy camper. A rain nerd. And unapologetically so.  Are you?


  1. Great post. I, too, like the rain. But unfortunately, not in winter like we've had the last two days here in Central PA. I'm a fan of warm summer rains when it heightens the smell of the flowers and new mown grass.

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  3. I like the smell of rain when it first starts, and all the scents outdoors are heightened. Mostly, though, I prefer it to rain at night and be sunny and bright during the days, just like in Camelot.

  4. I love rainy days--not flooding--gentle rain and an excuse to curl up with a good book. Sigh.

  5. I love rainy days! Makes for good napping! Thanks for sharing things you love with us!


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