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Tuesday, February 2, 2021


 By Caroline Clemmons

What are you reading? This is great weather to stay in and curl up with a good book. Actually, I think anytime is great for reading—unless I’m writing one.

Hero is reading PLAYING FOR PIZZA by John Grisham. I’m reading Loretta Chase’s TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT THE DUKE, which I received for Christmas. Each of us loves reading and generally we enjoy the same books. The exception is that I don’t care for sci-fi or futuristic .

I don’t read erudite, thought provoking tomes. Hero reads things like Stephen Hawking. But each of us reads for entertainment. Of course, I delve into non-fiction for research. After a career working with defense missile guidance systems, Hero enjoys space subjects and scientific books that would leave me yawning. I want a happily-ever-after in anything on which I invest my time!

We also read favorites again and again. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read Louis L’Amour’s westerns, Julie Garwood’s PRINCE CHARMING, and Loretta Chase’s LORD PERFECT. I think we have most of Jayne Ann Krentz’s books by that name as well as many by her Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle pen names.  

With so many great authors as friends, I’ll never run out of good reading material. The other members of this blog, for instance, are great writers whose books I enjoy. I hope you support them and buy their books.

But this is my chance to tell you about my current work in progress. A BRIDE FOR HOUSTON is part of the popular Proxy Brides series. It won’t be released until March, but (big hint here) it is already up for preorder at Once released, the book will be in e-book and print and will be in Kindle Unlimited.

Isn’t the cover lovely? Virginia McKevitt of Black Widow Designs created each cover in the series.

Here’s the blurb:

She barely escapes death…

He is angry when a mail-order bride jilts him…

They must defend themselves against mysterious assailants.

Theodosia “Theo” Jordan has lived with the harsh aunt and uncle who are her guardians since her parents’ death five years ago. In three weeks she will turn twenty-one and inherit the estate now controlled by her uncle. When she overhears her aunt and uncle planning her death, she immediately escapes Atlanta by becoming a proxy bride and heading for a small town in Texas.

Houston Kingsley yearns for a happy family like his brother has. Being cheated by a fraudulent mail-order bride who jilts him and keeps the money he sent her discourages him. Is he destined to live alone? His brother convinces him to try for a proxy bride.  The process sounds simple enough—if he can scrape up the cash for a second fare and travel expenses.

But unknown forces create danger for Theo and Houston. Can they discover and defeat the guilty to achieve the happy home each desires? 

Obviously, I hope you’ll preorder A BRIDE FOR HOUSTON. I’m loving the story and hope readers will, too.

Thanks for dropping by. Keep reading!


  1. "A Bride for Houston" is a gorgeous cover with an enticing story. I remember reading all Louis L'Amour's books, and I think they're still somewhere stored in the house since my eldest son also like to read him. Best of luck with sales and promotion of your newest work.

  2. Beautiful cover! you know how I love my redheads! Good Luck on the newest book!

  3. Mr R reads some dreadfully dry books on acoustics and whatnot, although lately he's been into biographies of famous political figures. I prefer westerns, western historical romance, and of course fantasy. Best of the lot is a combination of western and fantasy, although that's not exactly a popular genre blend.

    Best of luck with your new book! I do love the cover.

  4. Lovely cover and the story sounds exciting. My Darling Hubby is reading the Sackett books again by L'Amour. I'm reading a bunch of mysteries I picked up for free, but I'm adding your book to my TBR. Wouldn't it be great to take a month off and do nothing but read?


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