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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Beginning again-- Ever as Before

by Rain Trueax

Hi, I've been in Smart Girls Read Romance before, but it's been a while. For those who don't know or remember me,  I am a writer of historic, contemporary and paranormal romances. I have two adult children with four grandchildren, all of which I love very much.

When in Oregon, with my husband of many years, I live on a small ranch where we raise cattle and sheep (yep, they get along fine); and when in Arizona, I live on a little piece of desert, which we share with bobcats, javelina, coyotes, birds, rattlers, and other wandering though desert denizens. Both places inspire me to write my books, which always have a setting in nature.

Lately, my writing has turned to contemporary paranormals... well, I call them that because I don't have a better name for romances with supernatural elements. Unlike some paranormals, this family of witches are fully human with all the weaknesses and advantages that involves. The difference is they were born with extra skills like shape-shifting, apparating, seeing into the past, etc. They work on solving cases as a family-- no covens nor do they connect with other natural born witches-- least of all not with wantabe witches, who can ruin the reputation of then all. Some of them use the Akashic Records to find what has been written in the Book of Life... Oh yes, and they could work with spells-- but that's more a grandmotherly thing.

While they call themselves witches, when nobody is listening, they don't advertise given the history of how humankind has seen witches. They meet men who sometimes have their own supernatural skills-- or not. Some of the heroes don't believe in magick as a reality until they come face to face with something they cannot explain any other way. Whether they have a supernatural skill or not, they are always men offering something strong and unique to the women they will choose for their mates.

Until this week, there were four books about the Hemstreet witches, all based mostly in the historic Barrio Viejo, of Tucson, Arizona. The books came about when I went there to find el Tiradito, the only shrine dedicated to a sinner. I felt the energy of those streets, the mix of regeneration, history, and spiritual power. I saw the possibility for books about career women with a secret life of mysticism. Each of four sisters has their own supernatural powers-- want them or not. They are a close family working to protect the street from evil.

This year, I am releasing the fifth, which is in pre-release for a series I call Mystic Shadows (with other paranormals that are unconnected to the Hemstreet family). It will be published January 29th right before Imbolc. 

Maria raised her four daughters, with the help of her also widowed mother and mother-in-law, after her husband was killed years earlier. She operates with her feet in two worlds to protect others and, of course, her family. Being alone so many years, her friend tries to tell her she should find a new mate. How can she when she had married the love of her life, a man who was her ultimate match, a warlock of unsurpassed power. Still, there are several men who would like to change her single status. She can't deny her friend might be right. With an empty nest, she needs to find a new purpose just as she comes to realize old and new forces are threatening not only her family but the world.  Finding a new mate is about to be the least of her problems.

Imbolc is the perfect time for this book to begin. For those unfamiliar with the Celtic seasonal calendar, Imbolc (meaning ewe's milk) marks the beginning of the lambing season, although this year, we already have had our first lambs. It is the true beginning of spring and new life. It is thought to be about the goddess but it also is when the god returns. It is a time to let go of the past and embrace the future. Life-force is stirring. Celebrate with fire, with candles, that the darkness of winter is ending, growth is coming, as life renews.Ever as Before has the ritual celebrated by the Hemstreet witches.

It is available now for pre-order and will show up on your device (if you're hooked up to wireless) on January 29th. You are only charged when it arrives. It, as with Dangerous Match, Vislogus, Complicated Bargain, and Unfinished Business, is exclusive to Amazon and available for borrowing for members of Kindle Unlimited. It also will be in paperback along with the others. It is spicy and has some violence-- a witch has gotta do what a witch has gotta do.



  1. Hi, Rain. It's nice to meet you. I put a time travel on the back burner a few years ago. Wrote seven chapters. But I intend to finish it when I get time. I write both Contemporary and Western Historical Romance. I grew up on a farm, plus my husband is a retired farmer. So I can relate.

  2. hi, Nice to meet you too. I had another book I had done that with which was historical at the time. When the right time comes, it often goes very smoothly.

  3. Wishing you the best on your new release. Its release is well timed because I will be returning the book I am reading now to the library on or before the 29th.

  4. Hi, Rain. It's so intriguing how our past and present environments impact our writing. I used a lot of my "growing up in the country" as part of my writing both contemporary and historical fiction. Best of luck with "Ever as Before."

  5. Thanks for the best wishes for the book. So much is getting seen by likely readers. I really never know how to do that, but it's the challenge.

  6. Your paranormal series (Mystic Shadows) sounds mighty fascinatin', Rain. I like that you have witches at the center of these stories. I want to wish you all the best with EVER AS BEFORE.

  7. Thank you, Sarah. I know you also write fantasy themed books. Have you also found it difficult to put labels on them?

    1. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to correctly define a category for a fantasy story. I don't particularly like the term "fantasy" because it sounds like a children's book or gives the message, "This story is unbelievable" which not want any of us want to convey. But in the end, what else can you call it? A magical adventure? I just don't know.

  8. Welcome back, Rain! Your paranormal romance series sounds very interesting. Good luck with the new book and kicking off a new series.


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