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Monday, July 8, 2019

Waiting for my Due Date... err, my Release Date

Waiting for a book release date is more than a little like waiting for your due date... okay, fine... labor!

And while it's not as much of a pain physically (gosh, I hope not), it is fraught with worry and excitement.

Have you put together all of the things you're going to need once you have your new little family member? Teasers? Reviews? Giveaways? Promotions?

What happens if there's a problem with the release? Do you have plans upon plans? Even more plans?

Most importantly... you worry about the book. Will people love it? Will they love it as much as you do?

Goodness, I hope so.

So July 9... Tuesday... is my next due date. My next Book Birthday!

Now this is co-worker to lovers story with a silver fox as the hero... I'm hoping folks will find Trace & Miranda's story as much fun to read as it was to write.

I can't wait to see if folks love my baby...

As a group.. .all of the authors from Aces Press/Operation Alpha are going to have a release day event in Susan Stoker's Special Forces World Group on Facebook - please come by and discover some other books having their birthday!

Texas Game Wardens don’t just protect the natural resources of the Lone Star State, they protect the people as well. Trace Carson considers every warden as more than just fellow officers, they’re family.

Especially, Miranda Jimenez. She’d gone through the academy when he was on staff, and he was her first in-field training officer. There was no denying that she was a beautiful woman, he’d worked side by side with her and knew that her dedication to upholding the laws of Texas was second only to caring for wild animals and natural resources.

When she decided to leave her job as a game warden to open a wild animal rehabilitation it made perfect sense, but he couldn’t explain the sudden ache he felt at the thought of her leaving. It wasn’t going to be out of sight, out of mind, because he went to her ‘retirement’ party and he kissed her, changing everything.

When her connection with Trace puts Miranda’s life in danger, the law enforcement community in San Antonio pulls together to get her back where she belongs… in Trace’s arms. Will they find her in time to save her and get Justice for Miranda?

You don't have to worry about remembering to go to Amazon to pick up the book.. .it's available for Pre-Order. 

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