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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

JULY - A Time to Relax - by Judy Ann Davis

My Patio

There are so many splendid things about the month of July. It heralds mid-summer in Central Pennsylvania. The song of the birds in the bushes and trees are an old welcome melody and many times a morning alarm clock as they scurry to establish their second brood.

Even the drone of the bees grows louder and more pronounced as multitudes of blossoms appear and clover blooms in the fields, luring them in.

The weather has turned warm and balmy, and this year—rainy. Vegetation sprouts greener, lusher, and higher than ever before. The fresh smell of newly mowed grass and summer phlox waft through our open windows and doors and forces me to pause for a second and just enjoy the sweet fragrances.

July Flowers
July is a reminder that we can slow down a bit. We can take a leisurely stroll or sit by an open camp fire. We can take a break in the sunshine—or in the shade—and read, watch wildlife, or just mediate.
Lighting Up the Sky

As night creep up over the hill and day creatures rest, the pines and bushes are bombarded with a volley of fire flies this year. They twinkle like little white Christmas lights.

For me, this is a month that allows for peace of mind. My favorite spot is a swing on our covered patio where I can sit, close my eyes, and listen to the sounds of nature around me.

Where is your favorite spot on a pleasant summer day?



  1. I'm a fan of July because it's my birth month. I love your descriptions of the fire flies and the bees droning. What a great summer!

  2. Happy Birthday, Bea. What a lovely month to have a birthday.


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