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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Movie and #Book Tropes - #amreading #amwriting - Keta Diablo

Good vs. Evil

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Straight from Hollywood’s best movie producers: Here are the top movie themes they look for while paging through mountains of scripts. These themes also pertain to most of the books we read and write. No wonder so many books are made into movies.

1. Man vs Himself
We are all our own worst enemies. No matter what the outside world presents as a challenge, how we choose to respond shows us who we really are. Internal struggles are great for sub-plots in stories, whether they are battles against addiction, resisting the temptations of adultery, or coping with mental illness.

2. Man vs Nature
No man is an island. Everything that happens in nature affects us. This can be in a cataclysmic way, like an earthquake, or a more subtle way, like climate change.

3. Revenge
The desire for revenge is one of the strongest motivators of human beings. Sometimes the revenge is justified, sometimes not.

4. Love Conquers All
Love is the most powerful emotion (or is that fear?). Anyway, we all want to be loved. We all want to be with the people we love. Stories about the pursuit of love are fiction staples.

5. The Loss Of Innocence
This is based on the classic coming of age story. It is essentially about leaving childhood behind, voluntarily or involuntarily. Growing up can happen as a result of trauma (death, divorce, abuse) or simply by getting older.

6. Triumph over Adversity
We all love stories where the human spirit triumphs over injustice, tyranny, and bad luck. These stories revolve around exceptional people in awful situations, whether they are there by birth or circumstance.

7. Good vs Evil 
This is the staple of fiction writing. We have heroes and villains because of this theme. “It’s the struggle that underlines comics, books, films, and even culture. There is the good: courage, freedom, loyalty, and honor. And there is the bad: cowardice, imprisonment, selfishness, and betrayal.”
What movie have you seen lately that falls into one of the above tropes? Or what book are you reading right now? Please let us know in the comment section below. 
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  1. Good vs. Evil is the overall theme of A Darker Shade of Evil. It can be frightening to look in the face of evil, but that's the only way to conquer it. Our books also incorporate all the other premises as well, especially Love Conquers All in the Paranormal Romance novels. Thank you so much for posting this, Keta. I know all the other authors of A Darker Shade of Evil are as excited as I am to bring our creation to the world.


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