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Thursday, July 4, 2019

#Fireworks, #Grandkids, and a #NewRelease! by @JacquieRogers

I Heart #Fireworks!
Idaho Statehood Day, Independence Day
Silly Grandsons, and a New Release!
Fireworks at the Marsing park celebrating Idaho Statehood Day
In the United States, we call Independence Day the "Fourth of July."  Of course, every where on earth has a July 4th, but to Americans it's a day to celebrate our forefathers' (and all our vets) sacrifices for freedom.  And celebrate is the word of the day.  Or two days, since the closest town to us, Marsing, Idaho, celebrates Idaho Statehood Day.  On July 3, 1890, President Benjamin Harrison signed the the law admitting our state to the union.  The population was 88,548--now it's 1.75 million and growing fast.

Watermelon and popcorn--mainstays of our summer celebration!
The grandsons didn't seem to mind maintaining the tradition. LOL.
Our grandsons on the bank of the Snake River.
Lizard Butte is in the background.
I picked two photos of the series I took of our grandsons because these boys really cracked me up.  Have you ever tried to get two boys to hold still so you could take a photo to send to their mom?  I must admit, the instigator of all the orneriness was the one in the red shirt.  He tried to make bunny ears on his younger brother, who was having none of it.  I was trying not to laugh and also to keep them from falling into the river.  So anyway, the second picture was the final one and the best I could do.  Still makes me laugh.

On the home front, we have all kinds of fruits and vegetables growing.

Our very first tomato since we moved back to Idaho!
Plums, blackberries, and apples.
I can hardly wait for it all to ripen!
What is ripening in a hurry is the duet I had the pleasure of writing with Caroline Clemmons.  Orphan Train Brides is available for preorder now!

I just love the cover!

Caroline wrote the first book in the duet: A Family for Merry.  I wrote the second, A Family for Polly.  

Orphan Train Brides will be released July 19 (the same day my Silver City readers' event starts) but you can order yours now and it'll land on your Kindle before anyone else's. How cool is that!

Check out Caroline's post for more info on this duet and also the other duets that we've written together.  And guess what?  One more is in the works.  When we'll get to it is anyone's guess, but we have the concept in the hopper.

For more information, go to the Silver City Event page on my website.

Happy reading!  I hope you enjoy reading Merry's and Polly's stories.  They both have fun adventures that you won't want to miss.  Also, please consider coming to Silver City--we have a blast there.  

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  1. Idaho statehood Day celebration is always such a great amount of fun food people actually talking to each other, and fireworks. We actually get two days worth of fireworks so awesome... And I can't wait to read The orphan train books

    1. Thanks, HurricaneReads. We truly had a blast at the Idaho Statehood Day celebration. Thanks for sharing the day with us even though I know you felt poorly.

  2. I’m envious of all the fun you guys are having up there. Wish I were there too. Maybe another time. Spoil you grandsons while you can. They’ll go home with great memories to last a lifetime!

    1. You would've had a fun time--all very accessible and low stress. It was the most pleasant event we've been to in years.


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