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Tuesday, April 2, 2019


By Caroline Clemmons

Hero and I have always been voracious readers. We read and enjoyed all the books of a particular author. However, she had two main themes she varied slightly. When we got one of her books, Hero would ask me, “Is this Plot A or Plot B?” In spite of that, we kept reading her work.

I hope readers won’t say that about my books. I try really, really, really hard to have a new twist in each book. The more books I write, the more difficult coming up with something new is. I marvel at the authors who have written over a hundred books. After a few over fifty titles, I am combing my brain for new twists.

Characters and their stories don’t puzzle me. I have enough of those to write hundreds of books. More pop into my head each week. With my books, readers are guaranteed a happily-ever-after. But, what about the external conflict? The adventure? The action?

For instance, in the book I just completed, the hero had to rescue two people from a boat before it exploded. Then, the heroine had to rescue the hero. I’ve never used that before. I did have an explosion cause the mouth of a cave to be blocked. I hope the two are different enough that no one accuses me of using Plot B.  I’ll learn at the end of April when ALEXANDRA’S AWAKENING is released.

In the meantime, please watch for MONK’S BRIDE, Kincaid book 5, on April 12th. You can preorder it now and it will magically appear (or so it seems to me) in your e-reader on the 12th. The universal buy link is


  1. I think when the characters are interesting and unique, we don't have to worry as much about a reoccurring plot. I once read there are only seven major plots, i.e. rags to riches, the quest, comedy, etc. Your covers are always striking, your settings varied, and your stories distinctive. What more would a reader want?

  2. Since there are no unique characters as they all have been done before, the best one can do is make them interesting and not do things that are too stupid.


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