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Sunday, April 28, 2019


By Caroline Clemmons

Beth Trissel is tending to her husband, Dennis, as they go for medical tests. So, you’re stuck with me.

One of the things I enjoy is finding a new book I love and learning it’s part of a series. How delicious! Not only do I get to read that one, I get to anticipate the rest of the series.

I also enjoy writing series. So far, I’m writing these series: Kincaid, Stone Mountain Tx, McClintock, Bride Brigade,  Loving A Rancher, Texas Time Travel, Texas Cap rock Tales, and my new Pearson Grove series. As well as having books or novellas in anthologies, I’ve had books in multi-author series such as Widows of Wildcat Ridge and my upcoming contribution to the Proxy Brides.

Keeping characters consistent requires a bible with names and at least a brief description of the occupation and appearance of each. Failing to do this gets authors in trouble. We can’t have a character with blue eyes in one book and brown eyes in the next.

I believe most authors enjoy writing series. Doing so allows us to revisit a place and characters we love. You see, our characters become real to us. We don’t want to abandon them.

What about you—do you enjoy a series or prefer a stand-alone book?

I hope you enjoy series because I have a new release in my Pearson Grove series, ALEXANDRA’S AWAKENING, book 2. This was a fun book to write. Alexandra was NOT a nice character in book one of the series but everyone deserves a chance to redeem himself or herself. The change has to have obstacles and Alexandra meets several.

Here’s the blurb for this sweet western historical romance:

A wealthy woman forced to change; a heroic sheriff standing his ground; the danger that unites them…

Alexandra Novak has been raised in wealth and is used to having whatever she wishes. Her parents have spoiled her and she’d begun to believe it her right. A fire that destroys her family home and almost costs her mother’s life starts Alexandra rethinking her values. When her father’s revelation shatters her world, she is determined to do whatever necessary to make her father happy—even if it means being nice to that girl he’s brought into their home.

Virgil Witt is the best sheriff Pearson Grove has had. Under his leadership, crime is at an all-time low. He has reconciled himself to the fact that he is destined to live alone except for his dog. Maybe that’s best since his job is a dangerous one. He can’t understand why Alexandra chases him, especially not after he’s explained he has no money.

When danger strikes the Novak family, can Virgil solve the problem in time? Can Alexandra convince Virgil she has changed? Can the two of them work together or will her need for the best resurface?

The Universal Amazon buy link is The book is also available in print and is free in KU. 


  1. Great post and blurb. You covers to your book are astoundingly beautiful. May I ask who is the artist? I'm currently writing a contemporary novella series and having fun with it. I have to remind myself to write down the details since I'm now on the second book and have to keep going back to the first. Ugh.

  2. A lovely cover and a great blurb. Although I love series, I find that I'm tiring of them overall. It becomes almost a responsibility to keep up with them (yes, I know that's in my head!) and I tend to expect to much from the next book out. So I've been finding myself searching out stand-alones to read.


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