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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Ahhhh, Spring! by Suzanne Rossi

Hello, everyone.

It is now officially Spring. Thank goodness. And the last few days have been like a picture postcard of the perfect Spring season--bright blue skies with a few fluffy clouds, warm sunshine, the occasional light breeze, and all the signals that we are coming out of that dull, dead Winter. The grass is greening up, the dogwoods are in full bloom, and the trees are beginning to bud out again. Even noticed the nubs of flowers on the magnolia trees along the street while walking the dogs this morning. Can the azaleas be far behind? As I sit here typing, I can see and hear a cardinal serenading me from the crepe myrtle near the pool. Robins are plentiful and it's lovely to wake up at five-thirty in the morning to hear birdsong in the oak trees outside my bedroom window.

I don't know what it is about this season that makes me so happy. Maybe it's because I view Spring as a renewal of life. The leaves, the flowers, even the dandelions in the yard give me joy. Daffodils have been glowing in flowerbeds now for several weeks. Birds are building nests in anticipation of new arrivals in their families. The cold, dark, dreary days of Winter are almost over. Oh, we'll still have gloomy rainy days, but it makes a difference when the rain falls on green grass. Of course, the sun shining though the windows shows me that a little elbow grease is necessary to scrub off six months of crud, but I don't mind. It's Spring.

Whenever the weather warms up, I find myself more productive. I no longer mind going to the gym. And even though the scale in the locker room doesn't show me losing weight, I feel lighter.

I'll be glad to begin wearing shorts and tank tops again. And flip-flops--can't forget the flip-flops. No more jeans, sweaters, or socks. My wool gloves, stocking hat, and muffler are on the top shelf of the closet, not to see the light of day until December. My new winter coat will also soon be relegated to a safe place. I'll replace it with a raincoat and a lightweight hoodie on the hook in the laundry room. And I know it won't be long before I can once again sit out on my patio after dinner with a glass of wine and enjoy the sunset. And grilling--ah, yes, grilling! My husband can slap some meat on the barbeque and have at it. All I have to do is microwave some veggies and make a salad. Whew, I'm beat. LOL

I also find that my writing improves with the warm up. Plot problems suddenly get resolved. Characters that didn't gel, now become whole. Settings that didn't inspire blossom with promise. And while I'm on the subject of writing, I'm happy because I received a contract on my eighteenth book, Judge Not. Next month, I expect to submit book four of The Snoop Group series, Killer Country Club. I struggled with that book all winter, but with the first day above sixty degrees, it all came together. I wish I could explain it.

I hope you all are also experiencing the joys of Spring. I view it as the renewal not only of life, but of the spirit as well. Looking out the window at that blue sky, the fluffy clouds, and the birds flitting from branch to branch, I know it's going to be a lovely summer, too.

Until next month,



  1. Spring is my favorite season. I'm not outdoorsy, but I enjoy seeing the trees leafing out and the brightly colored flowers.

  2. I enjoy spring, summer, and fall. But to be honest, it's fall that's my favorite since it's the ideal time to be outdoors in Pennsylvania. It's the slippery, cold winter that I find hard to handle, despite it's beauty. Enjoy the season!


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