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Saturday, April 20, 2019

What On Earth Is Grounding?

by Laurean Brooks

Spring has sprung, and nature is bursting with renewed life. Birds are singing and flowers are blooming. Then why do many of us find ourselves in a physical and/or mental slump, unable to focus or relax? When we try to sleep, we toss and turn, then awaken tired the following morning. 

I can relate. Life has thrown me a few curve balls in the past months.  Since last May, I've lost a beloved family pet, a sweet sister-in-law, a precious mother, and two friends I'd bonded with on Facebook.

Then last month my husband had bypass surgery. I'm happy to say he is improving daily. We are thankful for the many prayers offered up. 

No matter how strong we may think we are, these experiences put stress on our bodies and minds. Taking time to commune with God reduces stress and brings peace to our hearts. But, He also provided natural ways some may deem unorthodox, to improve our physical and mental health. In reality, they are often simple things.

Keep reading. Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a Cardiologist known for alternative and integrative medicine, has several interesting videos on "Grounding" or "Earthing." These terms are interchangeable. Dr. Sinatra calls it "Caveman Medicine." I'll call it "Grounding" since it seems to be the most commonly used term. Next to his picture is a link to one of his many videos. I selected one that is 3 minutes.

Grounding is a simple method to energize and heal both mind and body. It works like this. The earth is loaded with negatively-charged electrons from lightning strikes and solar flares. At the same time, our bodies become overloaded with "positive" energy from the overuse of electronic devices--mainly cell phones, and computers. These devices drain energy and can result in health problems. 

Even a TV and other appliances drain the body's energy. The remedy? Go outdoors and place your bare feet on the grass, sand or bare ground. Let the electrons flow into your feet and circulate up and throughout your body, energizing every cell. Even concrete contains these electrons because it's made of natural elements. 

Neither wood nor asphalt is a good conductor of the earth's electrons. To the contrary, these materials block the flow. And since most shoes are made of plastic, rubber or wood soles, we humans don't benefit from the earth's energy. No wonder we continually fight stress and fatigue.

Remember as children, when we ran, played and tumbled in the grass, and all the while barefoot? It's become a lost pastime. How many times in the past couple of decades have you passed a yard seen barefoot children playing games on the lawn?

Grounding has scientific backing and the procedure takes only a couple of minutes to start reaping the benefits. If you feel overwhelmed, tired, or depressed, kick off your shoes and take a walk through the grass. Or if you feel adventurous, trek across a meadow and into the woods. Dogwood trees are in full bloom, now, during this Easter season. Drink in their beauty.

Sit on a creek bank and relax. Press your feet beneath the cool water and let the sand squish between your toes. Close your eyes and inhale slowly. Exhale and let the peace engulf you.

Grounding is simple and it costs nothing. You don't even have to stand. Pull out a lawn chair, sit and relax, instead.  It works as long as your bare feet are in contact with the earth to soak up energizing electrons.

According to Dr. Sinatra, these electrons intercept free radicals in the body, making sticky blood platelets smoother, which helps correct circulatory and cardiovascular problems. Grounding also brings tranquility to the nervous system. And all within a couple of minutes. Dr. Sinatra calls it “Caveman Medicine.” And it's free.

If you are out of sorts, don't hesitate to take advantage of a nature walk. Can you think of a more beautiful season than now, when spring has made her glorious entrance? 

I took a walk to the creek twice this week. If the weather had permitted, I would have gone again. Not only did I enjoy the beauty of nature and the flowing stream, but the dogs had a wonderful time splashing through the shallow water while sniffing trails up and down the creek bank.

When I returned to the house, I felt refreshed, calm and energized, all at the same time. It's hard to put into words unless you've experienced it yourself. 

So, go ahead, give it a try. Kick your shoes off and walk in the grass. Throw the ball for your dog. Splash in a stream. What do you have to lose?


All Carrie wanted was to flee town after shoving an offensive drunk off the boardwalk. Oh, no! Did she kill him?

 Who was this pretty lady who made Josh forget his broken heart? All he wanted was a young woman to help his ailing aunt with the housework. 

What he got was NOT WHAT HE ORDERED. 

You can find it here.


  1. Replies
    1. I think so, Gail. It recharges the body, even lowers blood pressure, according to Dr. Sinatra.

  2. Just being able to get outdoors, after the cold winter, and sit in the sunshine can renew a person't outlook on life and de-stress you. Birds are back in Central PA, and I love opening the window to listen to them.

    1. Judy Ann, I love to open my windows too. I can't wait it's warm enough to open the windows at night and hear all the night sounds.

  3. Fascinating, Laurean. You have only to look at the way dogs delight in rolling on lush grass to believe this might work!

    1. I hadn't thought of that, Joan. It does make sense the way they love the outdoors and nature.


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