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Monday, March 18, 2019

Ah, Spring!

Hi, everyone and welcome to Smart Girls Read Romance! Are you ready for Spring? I'm not ready for the warm weather that accompanies the next few months. Here in North Central Texas, we hardly ever have spring. More often than not, we jump right to the nineties and go up from there in the summer. What I am looking forward to are the green grasses, the trees, and the flowers blooming. Wait, where did I leave my allergy medicine??

Indian Paintbrush

Texas Bluebonnets
Crape Myrtle
Below is but one of the major pieces of machinery needed to keep all the growing and blooming under control.

In addition, I also look forward to the birds and other wildlife that visits us for the spring and summer.



All of the pictures I've shared were taken at various times, through the years, in our yard and small acreage. The little family of sparrows found a way into our enclosed porch and decided it was a safe place to raise their babies. We thoroughly enjoyed watching them learn to fly.

Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow and family

The picture below is one I took out my car window, as I left the house on my way to work. The sun's rays were special and I haven't seen the sight since. I liked to believe my parents and the Lord were watching over us that day.

I hope wherever you are, your spring will come sooner than later. I know more than a few of you are looking forward to thawing out. Thanks again for visiting today. We love to see you here. Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite time of the year is.


Love. Romance. Family.


  1. All the pictures are wonderful, but the roadrunner makes me laugh. Thanks for the spring wake-up call.


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