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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Hectic by Carolyn Hector

Hectic... My hectic life as gif'd & meme'd by Luke Perry. 
Carolyn Hector

It has just been one of those weeks... months.. and it's only March! First.. Let's take a moment and bow our heads for Luke Perry ... May he rest in peace.I loved him as Dylan. Having not gone to a traditional high school... I thought school was like 90210. He had me crying in 8 Seconds.... creeped me out on that one episode of Criminal Minds where he was a cult leader. And more recently, shocker... he was the reason I watched Riverdale (aka the Hot Dad Show) 

My life as a guardian/parent is like in total failure mode right now. My oldest nephew is about to graduate. I don't think he listens to me at all. 
So I feel like I'm wasting my breath even trying to get him to be a responsible adult if he is still lying. My youngest nephew does not share my love of books.
As a matter of fact, he's had the same book since December 25th. And has yet to finish it. He'll sit at the table.. alone.. and won't read. I've put off my own work to sit with him and listen to him read... and when I leave him alone...he won't read. As a matter of fact.. he ripped the cover off and slowly started tearing out the pages. I guess it's less pages to read? IDK.

Work has me busy from 8-5... I'll look up and the day is over. Then I come home to deal with kids who think I'm mean because I make them do their chores or school work before video games. I'm so tired.

I've got HUGE deadlines coming up. I'm watching folks get book deals after book deals.
And y'all know me. I can love you, adore you, and still be jealous.. I'm big enough to admit it and promote them 'cause they're faaaaaaabulous! Check out Denny Brice, Kaia Danielle  and Dana Nussio

I can't complain too much about NOT moving forward with my career as a writer. I need to get through these deadlines and then I've got like 10K different ideas in my head ... a 1940's themed story, Search and Rescue Romance, a medical romance. They're all knocking around in my head.

When I do things like make it  1/2 way through a proposal and
change my heroine's name.. ehh, it's kinda my own fault that I'm not getting anything done. But it was the proposal... I CAN CHANGE MY MIND!

I didn't bake anything for our Mardi Gras dessert lunch at work today. I cheated and bought a King Cake from the store! But I had to... This is how it's going to be for a while.
Until my deadlines pass... 

That being said, this post is going to be short. Hopefully I'll have more to tell you next month.

#TeamBrenda (yeah, I'm still not over it lol)

Out now! Her Mistletoe Bachelor

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It's a Duet with Pamela Yaye   love-love-love her!

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