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Friday, March 8, 2019

Roadmap for 2019

What? I know it's already March... shhhh!  But I've finally finalized my schedule for 2019.
Okay, so maybe finalized might not be the exact word I'm looking for, but this year is my year!

What? How do I know this? All last year I was anticipating 2019 because my birthday is February 19 - so 02/19  and the year is 2019 - making it 02 19 20 19 not exact, but come on... it's cool, right?

So it's all just a think I'm using to psyche myself up... but I'm going to make the most of it!

If I could write all of the books I want to, there would be thirty or more out this year. Now, if I could put a USB plug into my brain and download things that would be great! Save me a lot of stress and strain.

In 2019, I'm doing a bunch of things different from the few years before when I started self publishing in Romance.
1) I'm doing more to keep my series bibles up to date.

What's that? Series Bible is a bunch of information kept together so that mistakes are kept to a minimum in character portrayals and other specific information in a series. So the names of secondary characters. Locations in the stories. Eye color... and other things. Having it in one place means I don't have to 'search' through word files for the information as I write.

2) More attention to the length of the books. I'm finding that certain sub-genres fall into different story lengths for me. Some sub-genres lend themselves to Novellas and some to Novels. (not for everyone, but for me that's how it works)

3) Sticking some pins in place - Some of my books are tied to release dates set up by others. I'm a hybrid author so not all of my release dates are 'my' dates. I'm not complaining. Just stating the deal.  And some of those deadlines make demands on my schedule that determines what else I can fit in.

4) Working on distractions - I have tinnitus (a perception of noise in my ears). It was likely caused by the bout of Bell's palsy that I had a few years ago and I had some inner ear damage that made me really dizzy and off balance a lot. So I can't sit in silence to write. When I've tried, after a while I feel like there's this low-grade incessant humming that can trigger some crazy bad headaches. so I have to learn to have just enough noise to ease up the humming, but not too much noise that I allow myself to be distracted.

So where do I stand so far?

January - Imogene's Ingenuity (Sweet Historical Western Novella) as part of the ABC Mail Order Bride series...

February - lots of writing and a serious celebration!!

March - Rescuing Hi'ilani (Contemporary Military Heat Novel) as part of Susan Stoker's Special Forces World

April - The Sailor & The Siren (Sweet Historical Western Novella) as an extension of the ABC Mail Order Brides Series
- and maybe one more!

May - a book for Susan Stoker's Badge of Honor world

June - I'll be in Deadwood, SD for an author reader event! As a woman who loooooves Western History... it'll be like HEAVEN!

July - A Sweet Contemporary Novella

August - Starting a series of my own set in my town 'Center City'

September - another book for one of Susan Stoker's worlds

October - a Paranormal Novella for Halloween

November.. a breather?

December - A Sweet Contemporary Novella (a modern day book connected to my Three Rivers Station Series)
AND - one more... we'll see what pops up!

And I'm leaving room to veer off the path... we'll see what else pops up and how my schedule might need to adjust - are you coming with me?

I hope so.

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  1. Sounds strenuous but doable! Looking forward to meeting you in Deadwood in June!!!


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