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Monday, February 18, 2019

The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides

What would you do if the only mother you had ever known suddenly told you she was dying and you must go out on your own to start your own school for children? Would you become a Mail Order Bride?

That's exactly what happened to the twenty-five women who were raised and now teach at the Wigg School and Foundling Home. Madam Wigg, or Wiggie, as some of the girls affectionately call her, has found out that she is dying and she wants her girls to go out into the world and start their own schools. There is no way to help the girls monetarily at this time, so she suggests the girls look through the paper, called The Bride's Bulletin, for a husband.

As the girls came to Madam Wigg as a foundling, she named them alphabetically. She called them in to see her in groups of four, ABCD, EFGH, etc, when she had news to share. This time was no different. The first group took a copy of The Bride's Bulletin and passed it on to the next group. Most became mail order brides, while some struck out on their own, all hoping to find their Happily Ever After.

There are a couple of items the women speculate about. Is Wiggie really dying? What happened to Xenia? These will be answered in the final book Zara's Zephyr.

I hope you will read these as they are all available in KU or can be purchased separately. Thanks for stopping by today,
Carra Copelin.

The following is a list of all the books in the ALPHABET MAIL-ORDER BRIDES SERIES.

The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides (25 Book Series) by  Caroline Lee Kirsten Osbourne Jolene , Sara  George H. McVey Josephine Blake Kay P. Dawson Kathleen Ball Morgan Dawson Reina Torres Lynn Winchester Maxine Douglas Heidi Vanlandingham Hildie McQueen Peggy McKenzie Cathryn Chandler Sylvia McDaniel Carra Copelin Laura Stapleton Keira K. Barton Dallis Adams Cissie Patterson Danni Roan Michele Lindsey Janelle Daniels

Abigail's Adventure/ Caroline Lee,  Beulah's Brains/ Kirsten Osbourne,  Catalina's Cause/ Sara Jolene,  Dorthy's Disasters/ George H. McVey,  Emmeline's Exile/ Josephine Blake,  Fae's Fantasy/ Kay P. Dawson,  Glory's Groom/ Kathleen Ball,  Harriett's Hope/ Morgan Dawson,  Imogene's Ingenuity/ Reina Torres,  Jessamine's Journal/ Kirsten Osbourne,  Katriona's Keeper/Lynn Winchester,  Leanna's Light/ Maxine Douglas,  Mia's Misfits/ Heidi Vanlandingham,  Nellie's Notions/ Hildie McQueen,  Olivia's Obligation/ Peggy McKenzie,  Phebe's Promise/ Cathryn Chandler,  Quinlan's Quest/ Sylvia McDaniel,  Rebecca's Renegade/ Carra Copelin,  Sally's Sailor/ Laura Stapleton,  Tillie's Theater/ Keira K. Barton,  Uma's Umbrage/ Dallis Adams,  Vera's Virtues/ Cissie Patterson,  Wendi's Wish/ Dannie Roan,  Yetta's Yearning/ Michele Lindsey,  Zara's Zephyr/ Janelle Daniels


  1. What a nice lineup of books and authors, Carra. I look forward to reading them.

  2. Thanks, Caroline. I think they are all really good!

  3. This is wonderful idea, Carra. I love the plot. My goodness, what an interesting premise for a series of wonderful stories. I wish all of you God's best.

  4. There's just something captivating about the concept of mail order brides. Good luck with the series.

  5. If anyone is looking for Xenia's story its in another series called Sailors and Saints it's Book 1 called The Sailor and the School Teacher


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