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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Happy Black Romance Reading Month by Carolyn Hector

Happy Black Romance Reading Month
Carolyn Hector 

Kids are fine. Writing is coming along. I'm still raging with happiness as ever watching everyone succeed.... lol.. but y'all know me better than that by now.

Because my IG is filling up with a month of beauty queens, I thought I'd come here and offer up some diversity for those looking for it. I've seen a lot of push for people diversifying their reading list and not everyone is aware how to go about doing it. When you go to amazon and look up Black Romance you might not see what I want you to see when it  comes to romance, so I'm going to... instead of giving you one month.. I'm going to give you a whole year's worth of reading.

The month of January you'll find the celebration of Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day. Honor that day with Sherelle Green's Madden Men- Claimed by Crayson or Blessed by Malakai

In February we of course celebrate Super Bowl... well, maybe not this one... but it is a big game day. 
Farrah Rochon has a great series.. the New York Sabers. And Jamie Wesley has a cute football story too- Make the Play

     Did you know there's a Panic Day in March? Did you know there's a
 panic moment in 
Kaia Danielle's book, Calling Her Bluff

Lena Hart can get you through the month of March where Patriot's Day is celebrated. Check out her anthology in this story A SWEET SURRENDER

May brings you National Wine Day. Deborah Fletcher Mello has Tuscan Heat to get you through the month. Just go on ahead and pour yourself a glass 

June celebrates National Photography Day. Check out Synithia Williams' photographer's story in Guarding His Heart  

Did you know there's a Culinarians Day in July? Check it out.. it's all about eating... which if you check out KM Jackson's Sugar Lake series you'll want to eat too. 

National Senior Citizen Day is celebrated in August. Seressia Glass writes a kick-ass hero.. who is old.. but kinda beyond senior citizen. Check it out for yourself in Shadow Blade, the first installment of the Shadowchasers. 

Meet the harrrrdest working author in September, Sharon Cooper. Take Labor Day weekend off to enjoy the hard working Jenkins Family.  

In October you can evaluate your life on the 19th or you can read Cheris Hodges' Too Hot for TV and find out how Imani evaluates hers and the steps she takes to make it better. 

November brings in the cooler weather and some jazz sounds. November 6th is National Saxophone Day. Kianna Alexander wrote a sweet note in A Sultry Love Song

December... well what can I say... these ladies have it locked for your wintry nights! 

And after reading these you find yourself in the mood, I've got the final three Once Upon a Tiara series coming up

See y'all next month.... until then... happy reading & happy writing!


  1. What a clever idea, Carolyn! I was beginning to wonder if you were going to include your books, but then I saw the end. Glad things are going your way.

  2. Carolyn, you're a genius! What a great idea. Thanks for the recommendations. To be honest, I never think of a romance with "labels." I just look for a story that sounds interesting.

    Next time, Carolyn, give the buy links! Here's the one for your book HER MISTLETOE BACHELOR -

  3. Thanks for the year's worth of reading. I'll keep these in mind when I'm looking for my next fiction book. I'm currently reading "Becoming," by Michelle Obama for my book club. How do we ever pack writing along with reading into our busy schedules is beyond me. But we do it!


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