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Friday, October 5, 2018

Writers, Movers, Travelers #WFcon2018 @JacquieRogers #familylife

Writers, Movers, Travelers 
by Jacquie Rogers

September went by without a blog post from me.  Sorry about that--I didn't even give my computer a glance because we were smack dab in the middle of a 500-mile move.  The packers came in like a swarm of bees and packed nearly everything (except three books of the encyclopedia set, and numerous other stray items), including our duffles that we'd packed for the week without our stuff.  That meant Mr R had no underwear!  Luckily, he had some in the washer that he rescued.  As terrible as the packers were, we had a top of the line mover.  Gary Nelson of Merchants in Hamilton, Montana, and his friend and fellow driver Tom were top-notch.  Kudos too to the Boise crew who unloaded.

Left: Honey tried to hitch a ride with Zack, one of the guys who unloaded the moving van.
Right: The unloading crew in their best Charlie's Angels pose.
Left: Honey seemed to take a liking to Zack!
Center: And Tom, who drove the second truck.  I think he folded at least 500 moving pads!
Right: Gary, who saved the day.  The packers were horrid but Gary, the lead driver, was extra helpful.  I'd recommend his company to anyone.
We're in a mess now.  I'm not even going to show you how much.  Maybe next month.  Right now, we're still discovering broken and mangled things because of the "packing."  Actually, they just shoved things in boxes with no regard to anything other than getting out of there in a third of the time that was allotted to them.  That would be Bekins in case you're wondering.

So then we took off for an event that we'd planned to attend for a year.  In fact, I was program director.  That would be the Western Fictioneers convention in Oklahoma City.  Yes, it's a ways from Idaho!  One of my best pals Diane Garland came from Seattle, and sister-of-my-heart Caroline Clemmons drove up from Texas.  The whole convention was organized by author/singer/songwriter Vonn McKee.  Here are a few photos:

Left: Johnny Gun, Honey Beaulieu, and Big Jim Williams
Center: The lot of us waiting for James Reasoner and Bob Vardemon to speak.
Right: Mustache night.  Caroline Clemmons on the left, Diane Garland on the right.
I have to put up with a lot from Diane Garland!

Left: Diane Garland and me. 
Center: Waiting for my yoga teacher. 
Right: Director Diane setting Honey up for a photoshoot.

After the marvelous Western Fictioneers convention, Mr R and I headed to Missouri to visit my cousins Jim and wife Cheri, Cheri's folks Jim and Mary, and my cousin Anna.  We originally had planned a big doin's but people couldn't make it so it was just us, and it turned out that we had a super good time.

Left: Banjo Jim and his wife marry (seated).  Jim made that banjo and it's a work of art.
Right: Honey Beaulieu enforcing the Cowgirls Only parking zone.
Honey Beaulieu with the Branson Belle Showboat cast.  Very talented performers!

Mr R, me, Anna, Cheri, Jim

Then we headed to Kansas City to visit with some longtime online friends.  I was so excited to meet Claudia Stephans for the first time!  We met with Brenda Randolf a few years ago but Claudia had been under the weather at the time.

Claudia Stephans, me, and Brenda Randolf in our best Andrews Sisters pose.
On the way back, we stayed at a hotel in Rawlins, Wyoming, and our waitress turned out to be an avid reader!  She was happy to meet Honey Beaulieu, and Honey helped her serve drinks for a while.

Left: Our server and sister booklover.  Right: Honey with a poster for a movie that she claims she should've had the leading role.

Writing?  No, I'm surrounded by piles and piles and piles of boxes and stuff I have no idea where to put or why we have it.  That's in between going to the store and buying stuff we need but already have and can't find.  Moving is so much fun.  I don't recommend going on a three-week trip four days after an out-of-state move, especially if that move requires two moving vans and a rental truck.

But I'm thinking.  The next story will be the third installment of The Muleskinners series.  The first two are out of print and I don't want to reissue until the third one is written.  After that, it's Honey Beaulieu #4: Crack Shot in Whiskey Gap.

My latest release is  a story titled A Family for Polly, and it's connected to A Family for Merry by Caroline Clemmons (read hers first, then mine) in a boxed set Under a Mulberry Moon.  So far, the reviews have been good.  Get your copy while it's only 99¢!

Before that book, I released the sixth book in the Hearts of Owyhee series, Much Ado About Mail-Order Brides.

ravenmyst33, Amazon Reviewer: "Jacquie Rogers has done it yet again! There isn't a book in this series that isn't full of fire, fun and love. The McKinnon family rocks from the parents all the way to the youngest son. But Bram? HAS to be my favorite. LOVE that cowboy!! Thank you, Jacquie for letting me fall in love in this world of mail-order brides, grooms, and in a wonderful setting. Hope that there are still a few stories left to tell in this series. I'll read every last one of them!"

Happy Halloween, and Happy Reading!

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  1. Wow you had a busy month or two no wonder you haven't been able to get any writing done...
    I will patiently wait because your writing is worth waiting for

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you won't have to wait too long. But we do have a LOT of stuff to get squared away so I can get back to regular life and my stories.

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