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Monday, October 8, 2018

First Signing - Lessons Learned

**I've made some edits to this post - writing it on my iPhone was very difficult since I have a lot of sight issues... please forgive the original typos**

Sitting in a hotel, about to fall asleep, because tomorrow I fly home to Hawaii. Yesterday, I had my first book signing. Leading up to it that morning, my stomach was in knots and laughter was easy, but it came from a nervous place in my chest.
I was so pleased to be sitting near some amazing authors who had done signings before. They helped me with a lot of little things that I had never known or thought about!
That’s one thing about being an author. I’ve met some of the most amazing and giving people.
And I loved the conversations with them as much as I enjoyed meeting readers. Both sides of a very inspiring and delightful coin.

Living in Hawaii, it takes quite a bit of effort to get to these events, but I have to say it was worth everything it took to get there!
Keynote Speeches from authors as inspiring as they are talented... from Marina Adair’s inspiring story of love to Denise Grover Scott’s tremendous story that rang true in my head and chest and helped me see that my own struggle is shared by others.
Romance books inspire countless people and those same stories inspire the authors who write them.

When I get home, I will add more to my blog, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m going home with a brand new focus and inspiration.


  1. Reina, I'm sorry I can no longer go to these conferences. They are so inspiring and a real boost to creativity. Since you are already creative, I know you will soar in the coming year!

    1. Thanks, Caroline... I hope next year will be better for all! My birthday is 2/19 so I'm considering 2019 my year! Let's make it great!

  2. Reina, I'm glad you had other authors around you to help you. I've found that authors are a giving, compassionate group of people. Aren't you glad you got your first book signing under your belt? Did you have fun meeting people?

    1. Aloha, Laurean! (Love your name, btw) it was a blast meeting more authors and the readers! I had a lot of great conversations about what they like in books and what they don't.. it was great, but there wasn't a lot of sleep.. but I did get to go to Olive Garden :D


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