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Friday, August 12, 2016

Smart Girls like #StrongWomen by Paty Jager

I was invited to participate in a promotion that is sponsored by 150 writers who write stories with strong women as their protagonists. Because the prizes are so awesome, I wanted to tell all of you about it.

What: Strong Women Giveaway
Who: 150 authors across multiple genres and heat levels
Why: Because strong women need to be celebrated and read!
How: Click here and enter to win!
Prize: Chance at 2 $1,000.00 gift cards or weekly $100.00 gift cards, and many, many subscriber gifts!
When: The whole month of August! Winners announced Sept. 1

This has been one of the easiest and most fun promotions I've done. I'll let you know in several months if it works. ;)  Because of this event and one that I participated in a couple months back, I've had to make two new newsletter lists. One for western readers and one for mystery readers. I was told you get more opens and follow through if the recipients know the newsletter has books that they are actually interested in. I can say that the first newsletter I sent to the new western signups I had a 70% open and 55% click through.

What are our thoughts on this? Do you as an author have separate newsletter lists for the different genres you write? As a reader would you rather only get newsletters with releases in the genres you really care about? 

Paty Jager is an award-winning author of 25+ novels and over a dozen novellas and short stories of murder mystery, western historical romance, and action adventure. She has garnered a RomCon Reader’s Choice Award for her Action Adventure and received the EPPIE Award for Best Contemporary Romance. All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters.

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  1. #StrongWomen is a great event! I'm on several newsletter lists and only open a few. Criteria? An author I'm already a fan of. A short newsletter is always better than long. No hard sell. I'm always interested in what's behind the writing of the current book/WIP.

  2. I'm about to start a newsletter. If I can only find an easy one to format. With book deadlines, I don't have a lot of time for a large learning curve on how to put together a newsletter. I need newsletters for dummies. Sounds like a great promo event you're in!


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