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Saturday, August 6, 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year (again)

First I have to start out with the BEST COMMERCIAL EVER 1996 Staples Commercial ... I did not realize that commercial is 20 years old. Still the best! 

There will be less than 10 days before the Galaxy
goes back to school. Yes... I am counting down. Y’all know I’ve been counting down since the beginning of the summer.
There will be less than 30 days for my manuscript deadline and I have at least 10k more words to write.

There is a light! 

What’s even better is (and you know how I love a series romance) is the next book in the series is setting up nicely.And I've been staying on task! 
I learned how to make collages recently and this too has kept me on track and sort of focused for the light at the end of the tunnel for me. Want to see.. alright here they go...


And that fantasy book that spoke to me …
the research is coming along. But… when it’s your fantasy world… is there really a lot of research you have to do? I mean… you’re creating it. Well, there are some websites that can help. Here’s one…. (I’d love to hear any recommendations) Fantasy World

So with this back to school… back to reality and back to a schedule… I’m proud of myself. With school starting, of course these. I picked up some adorable pens and pencils

… which really get me in the mood to write. Here's my recommendation for the month.. not a book though. If you like gel pens, I highly recommend The Write Dudes, Super Gel pens. I ordered these
from Walmart, but also saw them at Target.

Business news... How many of you are with a traditional house and how many self publish? I'm curious about this. Readers... does it matter to you where your book comes from? I'm so sad that my dear friend Shara Azod is temporarily shutting down her publishing world. This was a place for creativity. A lot of authors are self-publishing. I'm deathly afraid of that because I NEED an editor and when you belong to a company, they have editors on hand. I've checked out some people and yikes! I have FIVE boys living with me.. there's no way I can do it on my own. So for whoever this reaches, how important is it to you where your books come from?

Well I better get on with it. Happy reading, happy writing and happy 1st day back to school for those who are celebrating!

Talk to everyone next month!

His Southern Sweetheart, October 2016
The Bachelor and the Beauty Queen, March 2016
The Magic of Mistletoe, December 2015
Mr. and Mrs. Rossi

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  1. I can nearly hear the collective sigh of relief from all parents! *g*


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