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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Book Signings and Festivals by Susan Sheehey

Today we’re talking about book signings.
Whether at a small bookstore with only one author, or a large 4-5 day convention with hundreds of authors, there’s something special about holding a precious, autographed novel. I like all kinds of signings, even the ones that are more taxing on the checking account.
What kind of book signing do you like going to?

A small book signing at a local bookstore or coffee shop with one author? All you have to pay for is
the novel itself. Unless you have your own, you can bring it in and have them sign it for you. By far, the most economical.

A larger local book signing, perhaps at a bookstore or other venue with anywhere between two to ten authors present. Once again, you only pay for the book itself, unless you have your own you can bring with you. Like the one I’m attending this Saturday at the Half Price Books in Dallas.

A bigger Book Fest with more than a dozen authors of all kinds of genres, where they tend to have raffles and other prizes. There’s a small entry fee into the book signing, and you still have to pay for the books themselves, but they offer more with it. Some even a small box lunch and/or minor refreshments. Examples of this are the Deliciously Dirty in Dallas signing or North Texas Book Fest.

A large book convention that lasts 4-7 days with a hundred authors or more. This has a hefty registration fee, but the offerings are massive. Not just a book signing, but multiple book signings, and parties every day, author panels, smaller meet and greet where you get to chat and laugh with the authors, including meals, drinks, and more prizes and raffles. And not just little prizes like a Christmas ornament or box of chocolates, but big ones. Like a free registration certificate for the next year’s conference, a tablet computer, small vacation packages, and so many free books. And that’s just the start. The parties are all themed from steampunk, to Hollywood, to formal. Or just go in jeans. Whatever you’re comfortable with. But RT Convention.
these large conventions involve a hotel stay and possible airplane ticket (depending on location). Which are all additional costs, and normally not included with registration fees. An example of one is the

I’ve been to all kinds. I like all kinds, depending on what my pocket book looks like in a given month. 

What about you? Which kinds do you like the most?

Susan Sheehey writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance. Her latest series, Royals of Solana, is currently being recovered and packaged, and will be available soon, along with her original debut novel, Audrey's Promise. Susan is a strong advocate for autism awareness and acceptance, and includes the healing element of water in every story. She lives and laughs in Texas with her husband and two boys. Follow Susan on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and her website.

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  1. Book signings can be a lot of fun for the author and for the readers. Like most things in life, it all depends on attitude. As an author and a reader, I love them!


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