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Sunday, January 24, 2016


I have been blessed with wonderful critique partners. They have put up with my bad habit of dragging my feet when it comes to my work in progress. Yes, my name is Brenda and I am a procrastinator.

So many times, the plotter of my group has sat with me and gone chapter by chapter in plotting out a story. I've tried. Really, really tried. The problem is, my characters do things that have nothing to do with the plot. New characters pop up. A situation we never discussed  messes up my neatly plotted out grid.

The pantser (you notice I don't name names.) is fantastic at sitting down and pumping out a few thousand words every day. She doesn't worry about spelling, grammar or obsessing over making it perfect the first time.  Ok. I've tried that and came up with gibberish. Let's face it, she made a deal with the devil.

Then, there's little old me, the procrastinator. I have to mull over my characters' motivations, goals

and an interesting plot. I'm never satisfied with forging ahead and worrying about the technical stuff later.

How do other writers  do it? I never even know what my subject will be when working on this blog. Which is due tomorrow.

I've met other well established authors who never get out of pajamas and lock their office door for days. No distractions, no hesitation. I admire their dedication. Also hate them, but it works for them.

So, my work in  progress lingers on my aging computer waiting to be finished. My critique partners give me the stink eye and drum their fingers.

I'm working. Yeah, I know it looks like I'm malingering, but in my brain, the book is almost finished.


  1. Hoping your brain sends the book to your fingers soon, Brenda.

  2. It is amazing how each writer has their own method or no method ;) for writing a book or a story. I have a friend who writes the scenes as they come to her then she has to go back and put them in order and write the filler in between the scenes. I'm linear. That process would kill me! LOL Good luck finding the mojo that gets your book finished, Brenda!

  3. Not getting out of my pajamas and locking the door sounds like heaven. Unfortunately, my life is filled with constant interruptions. *LOL* Good luck.

  4. Love this post and totally identify. You kind of inspired mine. :)

  5. Love this post and totally identify. You kind of inspired mine. :)


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