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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

He may not do dishes, but he's learning to cook by Paty Jager

My hubby of 37 years has never been a house husband. He's all about the outdoors. As a farmer/rancher, he doesn't feel housework is something he should do when he comes in from working outside. And over the years, I haven't pushed it because I felt that was my job- to keep him fed and clothed.

This past weekend, I caught the bug that's going around. I slept for nearly two days straight and when I did wake up didn't even want to stand up. Hubby made me tea, brought me crackers, and kept me company. He even watched hour after hour of Hallmark movies even though I was sleeping mostly. I guess he figured I needed company.

The first day, he had cereal for breakfast, scrounged together a banana and sandwich for lunch and I'm not sure what he heated up in the microwave for dinner. I didn't get out of the recliner to find out. ;)

The second day, he made oatmeal and toast for breakfast.  Lunch he made a sandwich and even cooked an egg. Guess he was getting tired of cold food. ;) For dinner He made a grilled cheese sandwich. If I hadn't been feeling so under the weather I would have giggled. This is a man who swore off cooking when he tried to cook for the kids when I was gone and they refused to eat. I'm proud that he is learning to cook. Before we moved out to the boonies, if I wasn't home to make him a meal, he'd go to the neighborhood restaurant or his mom's. But now that we live far from anywhere, he's having to learn new skills, which is good for him.

I've always envied my sisters-in-law, because my brothers both cook. A lot. At our house I'm the cook- Always. I even to do the barbecuing, hubby doesn't even to that.

Does your significant other cook or is it all up to you?

Now that I'm feeling semi-normal, I need to the dishes!


  1. I had to laugh at your description of your husband. My husband became a Chef as his second career. He was a salesman before that!

  2. Hi Karren, I can guarantee, my hubby will never be a chef! LOL Thanks for commenting!

  3. When I had ankle reconstruction surgery, my husband had taken early retirement and took over the meals since I was stuck in bed for two months. Fortunately for me, he kept doing the cooking after I recovered so that I had more time to write. Sorry to learn you were so ill. I've been ill since Friday and am really ready to feel better. Hope you're feeling better, too!

  4. Being sick is the pits. I was felled by the bronchial virus going around--twice! Finally over it. My wonderful hubby doesn't clean, but he picks up after himself and is essentially neat. He doesn't cook unless you count fried baloney or toast. He does put his dirty dishes in dishwasher and sometimes empties the DW and puts away the clean ones. So, that's better than a lot of couples I know. Most importantly, he thinks I'm wonderful and has always supported me and what I do. *g*


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