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Thursday, January 8, 2015


By Mary Adair

Happy New Year!!

Now, the New Year Resolution.                                                           

I have decided that this year I am not going to proclaim, “I will go on a diet and lose XX# of pounds.”  

Why should I? It has never worked before. 

I spend months feeling bad about myself because I didn’t lose as much as I expected. I cheat and then feel guilty. I tell myself I am going through this torture for myself, yet think about how everyone can see how well I’m Not doing. I might lose a few pounds, but by the end of the year, guess what. Its back and it brought friends!

This year is different. This year I am proclaiming, “I will pay it forward.” That’s something I can do and new friends are always a blessing. 

The best part about paying forward, with The Golden Rule in mind as opposed to The Rule of Reciprocity, is you don’t have to wait for someone else to do something thoughtful for you, and you don’t have to think of what to do that will gain you a monetary reward. Just spend a moment counting your blessings, and you will soon realize that many of your most treasured, non-monetary, blessings came after doing something kind for another.

A smile and a hug are the best medicine in the world, not only for the receiver, but the giver as well. I love hugs. I love giving hugs. Hugs are one of my favorite things!  But, there are other great ways to help others feel accepted, or comforted or worthy.

I wonder if my New Year Resolution will make a difference to even one person other than myself. I believe it will. That is enough to make it worth my while.


  1. I love your New Year's resolution, Mary! If you don't mind, I am adopting it for mine! You can't give or get enough hugs! That's what makes life worthwhile! Thank you!

    1. Hi Karren! Thanks for commenting. I use to work in a medical clinic, did for many years. My favorite Dr. there would actually write out a prescription for hugs and had them to his patients. Sometime they would be surprised when they read it, but it always brought a smile.

  2. I absolutely love your New Year's resolution, Mary. I agree wholeheartedly with you and yes, we can't give or get enough of those hugs. Personally, I don't make résolutions because I know I will not follow on them. I simply try to do better than the last year. So, in view of those hugs thing... here's many many hugs down your way, mon amie.

  3. Hello, my Friend! Hugs to you too!


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